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Inspiring stone Kitchen Hoods

Whether it’s inspired from ancient civilisations of lost eras or a modern take of French Provence chateau style, our hand carved custom stone kitchen hoods imbues beauty and timelessness in the homes that we install them in. The style spectrum, stone type and endless dimensions of our custom carved limestone range hoods will bedazzle and bejewel even the most seasoned master designer or architect.limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-15limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-14limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-13limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-12limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-10

For close to 30 years we have created the ultimate focal points in our clients homes, many of which ended up as vignettes plastered on countless front covers of top global shelter magazines and journals such as Architectural Digest, Veranda, House Beautiful, Interiors, Elle Decore and hundreds more.limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-9limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-8limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-7limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-6limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-5

Call us today and let’s discuss your current of upcoming project. We can customise your hood to match any theme or any vision, spanning all architectural influences. limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-4limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-3limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-2limestone-kitchen-hood-carved-stone-antique-ancient-surfaces-1

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Wabi Sabi Landscapes, Finding Beauty in Imperfection

It is thanks to a recent trip to Japan that I can finally put a name on a trend that was unnameable to me: the Wabi-Sabi. For me Wabi on one side evokes simplicity, nature, dis-symmetry and nostalgia. The Sabi refers to the patina of objects, old things decaying and weathering into an ultimate rebirth.Outdoor-limestone-hand-carved-garden-design

In three words, the Wabi-Sabi is ‘finding beauty in imperfection’. It feels good not to relax a little and say that not everything should be smooth, new, ultra-designed to be attractive … I feel close enough to this Zen ideal manifested in the Asian-centric Duality of Ying-Yang. Join us in this blog as we express this trend with images to better understand what this term means in terms of decoration.outdoor-limestone-wall-fountain-stone-stoneoutdoor-limestone-trough-lion-head-hand-carved

The TriBeCa Penthouse was created by Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt and Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki, for owners Ira Drukier and Robert De Niro.

The Wabi-Sabi Bathroom in a menagerie of antique Limestone floors and walls, white-washed plaster patina a reclaimed stone trough sink and ancient wood beams.


Imagine escaping to a place where an atmosphere of tranquillity and privacy unites with a climate of eternal summer. Eco-boutique hotels across the world are reverting back to simplicity and natural beauty. Whether overlooking the turquoise waters of the Atlantic, or on an isolated Adriatic Island, Modern conscientious luxury is now defined by the symbiotic natural and cultural beauty of its surroundings.outdoor-garden-with-limestone-arch

 Each spaces creates with Wabi-Sabi in mind provides an atmosphere of intimacy and calm without being intrusive within its natural environment. Those architectural creations seems to work best on spectacular properties with panoramic views of a nature reserve or coastlines, encompassing on many occasions lush indoor gardens, as well as private pools facing a beach and lost to the sea horizon.outdoor-limestone-sink-installed-on-wall-with-haoutdoor-limestone-sink-hand-carved

Whether Private villas or boutique hotels, Wabi-Sabi architectural gems can benefit tremendously from our antique reclaimed Limestone such our ‘Millennium Limestone Wide Planks’ or our Slicky smooth off-Gray shaded ‘Kronos Stone’.Outdoor-courtyard-french-farmhouse-countryside-limestone-flooring-wall-cladding

A true Wabi-Sabi spa bath creates diverse atmospheres conducive to relaxation and full Mind/Body/Soul healing. Your Spa, with the use of elements such as plaster patina, old wood textures, aromatic flavored essences, meditative sounds and ancient Limestone pavers becomes a sanctuary of well-being and an escape vehicle from the daily mundane.limestone-wall-fountain-stone-hand-carvedlimestone-wall-fountain-outdoor-courtyard

Wabi-sabi is letting your furniture pieces express themselves while appreciating each marking of time that happens to shape and reshape them.outdoor-courtyard-with-beautiful-old-limestone-fireplace

The acceptance of transience and imperfection is the acceptance of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. Are you up to some Wabi-Sabi yet?


Very few architectural stone elements can be more relaxing and meditative than an indoor coy pond patio complete with a medieval wall fountain and a connecting stone water channel. All respecting the Wabi-Sabi principle of non-restoration and reusing as is.beautiful-outdoor-limestone-status-stone

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Lincoln Park’s hidden limestone secrets

No one knows Lincoln Park’s secret streets sprinkled with palatial homes better than Rodger Owen. In his 30-plus years of building many of the most marvellous, he describes his construction of custom homes as giving families exactly what they want.alfresco-dining-outdoor-area-with-limestone-fireplace-mantel-stone-stove-biblical-stone-flooring-and-limestone-table

Although his firm, BGD&C, also builds in the Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, where he lives with his wife, Janet, is closest to his heart: “When Janet and I sit outside we can still hear crickets. We are just six to eight blocks from the lakefront, but there is so much less noise and congestion.”outdoor-backyard-limestone-patios-limestone-firepit

Rodger shared some perspective on the neighbourhood’s history when it comes to buying and building:

“In the at least 30 years that I have built custom homes there, the whole market has changed. At first, people went to the neighbourhood looking for lower pricing. They might tear out a bathroom or do a new kitchen, but that was usually the extent of their changes.beautiful-limestone-wall-cladding-stone-columnsmajestic-limestone-entryway-with-limestone-wall-cladding-in-a-closed-outdoor-backyard

“The next wave of owners would tear more out. Finally, there was a period of total gutting of existing homes. We have now moved to new construction. Although there is not much vacant land, there are still a few frame structures that do not have much residential or historic value as well as vacant land, some doublewide lots. People in the market know that Lincoln Park offers less congestion, less noise, and a little more space.”Wine-cellar-antique-limestone-wall-cladding-limestone-flooring-bibilical-stone-stone-sinkoutdoor-limestone-wall-fountain-design-hand-carved-lion-head-backyard

Affable and wise, Rodger is one of our town’s best listeners, a quality that suits his career. Realtors use words like “transparent” and “down to earth” to describe him. Schooled in the South of France and in Madrid through special programs in high school and college, a thousand years of European architecture and history have continued to fascinate him:

“There’s not a specific style that attracts me, but I do enjoy details and symmetry—the way things are put together and the reasons for that. When you stand out in front of a house, you see how many elements have to work to make it right. Whether you are setting a table or arranging flowers, you want a sense of order. Some asymmetry is good, but it takes talent to get it right.outdoor-limestone-pool-fountain-stone

“Janet and I love to travel. When we see houses and cathedrals from so long ago, I see so much detail—I see the painstaking process the builders had to use.”

Rodger says that 99 percent of Lincoln Park properties are customised for the owner, with only one percent custom built. About 20 percent of his clients already own the land where they would like to build. Rodger himself has an inventory of properties in the area. BGD&C does it all according to their clients’ specifications: design, architecture, engineering, and construction. And many of these partnerships have become lasting friendships.Limestone-flooring-stone-floors-biblical-stone-stairway

“Most of my clients are families that need space for their children—whether very young or teenagers. They want yard space for the kids to enjoy being outside. They like looking at a restful garden, such as the ones Scott Byron often designs for us, or eating alfresco. Most have a strong and sophisticated idea of what they are looking for and come in with tear-outs, photos, or designs they like. Some have gone on Houzz, which has millions of photos of just about everything you can imagine.Outdoor-garden-with-limestone-pool-coping-stone-swimming-pool-biot-jaroutdoor-garden-design-landscape-with-limestone-entryway-stone-status

“Since we start with no preconceived ideas or drawings, a whole lot of effort goes into the project. Every nut, bolt, screw, color, where you want the light switch to be, and on and on: these are client choices. We take great pride and satisfaction in the actual work, what you can touch and see. Watching it come out of the ground is terrific.”living-room-area-with-limestone-fireplace-stone-stoveLimestone-fireplace-mantel-stonecovered-porch-with-limestone-flooring-biblical-stone-floors-and-stone-entryway-columnsAntique-wine-cellar-with-limestone-wall-cladding-and-limestone-flooring-stone-floors

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The French countryside can be a stone throw away

The French Farmhouse style is born out of sheer love for the past and a desire to live a more comfortable and laid-back natural lifestyle that respects culture, heritage and the environment.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-courtyard-with-limestone-pavers

In cities all across America a movement in the way we style our homes is taking shape as the rediscovered beauty of the farmhouse style has reached critical mass. Simplicity and frugality recognizes no boundaries and hence can be experienced by a very wide audience.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-stone-planter-limestone-antiquefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-limestone-wall-fountain-stone-antique-hand-carved-beaut

It embraces an eclectic mix of periods and aesthetics, combining
the traditional stone filled farmhouse of centuries and decades ago with the modern trends and comforts of today.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-limestone-stairway-entryway-stone-flooring-biblical-stone-f

Oil burning lamps and candle sconces have been slowly replacing anything from crystal chandeliers to industrial factory lighting, sliding antique doors have become creative passageways and dividers, old mercantile signs and Encaustic tiles are now prized objets d’art, cupboards, bird cages and pie safes once reserved for the farmhouse kitchen have taken on new life as modern day centerpieces of a kitchen or living room—maintaining their storage function but newly revered as cherished discoveries.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-kitchen-provence-limestone-sink-stone-wall-claddingfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-kitchen-limestone-hood-and-limestone-flooring

Nothing though comes close to the rediscovery of the design gravitas of an antique limestone fireplace and what it can potentially do to any room or home it goes in.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-limestone-antique-fireplace-hand-carved-stone-wood-beamsfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-limestone-fireplace-stone-flooring-floor-biblical-stonefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-beautiful-living-room-area-with-limestone-fireplace-wood-beams

I can personally attest to that incredible transformation in fireplace design trend nationally.
We have gone from fringe elements to a main staple of the American high-end design diet because the taste pallet of home owners has finally matured and has broke through the marketing veil of the cement, precast and fiberglass industries that has fenced people in under the pretext of ‘modern’ building materials.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-limestone-barbecue-with-limestone-stone-flooring-floorfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-courtyward-with-limestone-fireplace-seating-areafrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-courtyard-with-limestone-wall-cladding-stone-floori

Little by little, even our gardens and porches are now slowly reminiscing old farmhouse landscapes, featuring creative displays of rusty discarded, troughs, planters, Biot jars and other elements of the farm, all repurposed for the way we live today.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-antique-biot-jar-limestone-flooring-floors-stone-bibilical

French countryside wall stone has been re-purposed into walkways, curb stone and pool copings; Bottom crust of thick pavers have been up-cycled into stunning stone cladding and facings; antique massive dimensional foundations stone blocks have been re-milled into 2inch thick stone planks ideal for counter and stair surfaces and the list goes on.Outdoor-limestone-bench-french-farmhouse-ancient-surfacesfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-limestone-pool-coping-swimming-pool-stone-benchfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-living-room-with-majestic-limestone-fireplace-stone-stovefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-limestone-sink-stone-entryway-wine-cavefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-bedroom-design-with-antique-limestone-fireplacefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-bedroom-with-limestone-wall-claddingfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-courtyward-with-limestone-fireplace-seating-area

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Reusing, Re-purposing and Up-cycling. Dive in these Outdoor Green-Designed Limestone Planters.

How can the reclamation of scattered stone elements coming from ancient, abandoned and ruined farmhouses in the Southern French Countryside play a small role in combating climate change, desertification and loss of animal habitat while playing a major role in changing the way we think, in how we use less quarried resources that evolves top soil mining, ecological disruptions and loss of Animal habitat.

Besides the historical charm that a stone planter , sink or fireplace infuse your home with, the ease of mind that comes from knowing that a reclaimed item is a saved item and is on less item that will have to be manufactured from scratch.

Till this day, home owners around the world are still too slow in supporting creative artists and upcyclers who partner with nature in finding creative design solutions for their homes and gardens.

I envision a future where reusing and upcycling is a must, a commitment to and a contract with nature that humans must sign and make good on. Coexisting with our environment isn’t a luxury any longer specially when it looks that good!

I invite you to check out few of our architectural stone elements that have been carved by human hand centuries ago. To learn more about our collection you can always visit our dedicated stone and marble planters page below:


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Top 10 sublime Hotel and restaurant Fireplaces by Ancient Surfaces

Hot Heath Hotels

Top 10 sublime Hotel and restaurant Fireplaces by Ancient Surfaces
  • The Maritime Hotel:Antique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-9

The Maritime resembles a white cruise ship with portholes overlooking Ninth Avenue – West Chelsea neighborhood – 4 blocks to Chelsea Piers.

The nautically-themed landmark was originally designed by New Orleans modernist architect Albert Ledner in 1968 as headquarters for the National Maritime Union. Ledner apprenticed under famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1940’s and developed his own playful style. This fanciful approach to modernism was long dismissed by design purists but The Maritime is now part of a wave of modernist architecture now seen in an entirely new light.

The hotel opened in 2003 and had undergone a transition that reflected its enviable location in the heart of Manhattan’s fashion, art, food, business, tech, and creative industries. With its signature porthole windows, Ancient Surfaces antique limestone Bolection Fireplace, white-tiled exterior, and elevated outdoor terraces overlooking Ninth Avenue, it was the first luxury hotel in the neighborhood. The Maritime Hotel maintains its reputation as the modern, cool hub of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District/West Chelsea neighborhood.

  • La Maison – Domaine De Bournissac:Antique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-8

This traditional Provençal house located in the countryside of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence stands over the majestic plains where it offers an exceptional panorama with the Luberon at the forefront, the Alpilles a little further, and a stunning view over the Mount Ventoux.

This building with large volumes, a stylish yet refined decoration, goes through time in complete serenity. Be it either for a gourmet stop or a stay in Provence, you will love the peaceful atmosphere, monastic even, disturbed only by the singing of birds. Give in to the sweet life, the elegance and the love of good food. Restored in 2011 This Provence dream retreat features a simple yet imposing antique limestone fireplace by Ancient Surfaces.

  • Atelier Maître AlbertAntique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-7

There’s nothing lovelier than a stroll along the Seine in the shadow of Notre Dame, boutiques and charming alleyways everywhere you look. Until, that is, it’s time for lunch, when you wonder into ‘Atelier Maître Albert’, that is home to a Michelin-starred jewel known as ‘Chef Guy Savoy’s’ restaurant, which neatly hits the mid-way mark between perfection and flawlessness! There you can’t fault the bottle-lined front bar, the cute private dining room, and the long main salon with a vast antique stone wood-burning fireplace courtesy of Ancient Surfaces.

  • château hotel ducs de joyeuseAntique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-6

Located in Couiza, Château des Ducs de Joyeuse is near a train station. Rennes-le-Chateau Church and Puivert Castle are local landmarks, and the area’s natural beauty can be seen at Gorges de St-Georges. The Sarasine fireplace was provided and restored by Ancient Surfaces.

  • Jardin des CarmesAntique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-5

It’s a great restaurant in Avignon. It is a little away from the major tourist streets and it’s worth the visit. A Big fireplace by Ancient Surfaces dominates the romantic space. We advise you the fish of the day and the risotto it’s just perfect. A good glass of house wine and a perfect dessert such as the strawberry cake will end up making your day. This boutique hotel/restaurant is very reasonably price. Compliments to the chef!

  • Orangerie AbaumontAntique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-4

Important events take place in this beautiful reception room, belonging to the farm of Abaumont, it is centered by a large fireplace from Antique limestone reclaimed by Ancient Surfaces. This restaurant is very pleasant enjoying much brightness with all windows facing south, directly accessing the garden.

  • Villa Ferraia – TuscanyAntique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-3

Once a hamlet dated back XII century, now after a long restoration a luxurious villa among the hills of the Tuscan countryside. it’s  the ideal place for a  taste of the old Tuscany and to rediscover the classical elements of existence: earth, water, air and fire. This villa is located in the valleys of the Merse River, in the south of the province of Siena, not far from Montalcino and San Galgano Abbey. You’re not going to come across the place by chance, it lies well off the beaten track.  It is protected by thousands of hectares of forest belonging to the natural biogenetic reserve of Tocchi, of which 100 are part of the villa’s estate and 25 are fenced off. The dirt country road leading to the hamlet brings guests into a special land, where humanity and nature are united by the same energy.

It is not just an exclusive private villa, but a place in which to experience the ancient local traditions, learn the secrets of vegetable gardening, relish the intense fragrances of the numerous old varieties of roses growing in the garden, let yourself be pampered by the Roman baths and the sauna built of natural wood, spend the nights looking at the stars. At villa Ferraia life follows the rhythms of nature, in keeping with the ancient Roman concept of otium, of the leisure and time that are needed to restore body and mind. Here you can find hills, forests, lakes, wild animals, vegetable gardens, orchards and a private astronomical observatory. Ancient Surfaces provided many of the one of a kind unique architectural stone elements from fountains fireplaces pavers, stone stairs and pool coping edge pieces to this splendid property including the remake of the fireplace in the dining room where a two Macaron chef will serve your every meal during your stay, turning your experience into a five stars Michelin fine dining culinary epicurean discovery

  • The Gramercy Park HotelAntique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-2

“Dark and sexy” (The Ney York Times), this swish Gramercy Park Hotel lounge boasts “fantastic scenery” (Washington Post) from its “good-looking clientele” (Cigar Aficionado) to the “elegant & whimsical setting” (The Tribune) featuring a red-felt pool table and “ stunning artwork by Warhol and Basquiat that alone are worth the trip and stay!” (Architectural Digest Magazine); “After 10PM the door can be tough to crack outside the circle of NY socialites, VIP guests and the occasional moonshining Broadway or Hollywood stars” (LA Times), and you’ll pretty much “You’ll need to take out a loan if you chose this hotel as your honeymoon destination” (Vogue), but most come away “impressed, pleased, and satiated” (Miami Herold). “And if you missed it the painting is a ‘Picasso’ above the ‘Ancient Surfaces’ Fireplace”

  • Hostellerie SarrasineAntique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone-1

“Enjoy a real ‘A l’ancienne’ chicken in an exquisite, old-style dining room under a splendid Ancient Surfaces Fireplace” Owners, La Famille Bévy

Description: La Sarrasine, an erstwhile Bresse farm, has been successfully converted into a hostelry with great character. Located just 3 kilometers from Mâcon town centre, on the Burgundy/Bresse border. The establishment reveals its charm throughout the seasons, with an explosion of colour in summer when the garden, the terrace and the area around the swimming pool are resplendent with blossoming flowerbeds, and floodlit after nightfall. This half-timbered ‘Bressane’ farmhouse is home to spacious, comfortable rooms while the heated swimming pool represents a permanent temptation for guests.

“We always stay at this hotel when we are travelling to or from our home in the UK to our home in Italy. It the perfect break. The hosts are charming and the restaurant is legendary. A real gem specially when you’re surrounded with centuries old stone floors and walls” A customer review from 2017.

  • Crillon Le Brave Restaurant La MadelineAntique-limestone-fireplace-ancient-surfaces-stone

The restaurant, housed under the arches of an old property that has been recently restored by the owners. The restaurant boutique hotel combines old-style Southern French charm with modern and reclaimed stone wood and earth elements as faithful as possible but with a subtle twist. It’s the ideal place for a cozy evening or romantic dinner by the Antique reclaimed fireplace provided by Ancient Surfaces. Guests can either dine on the terrace and admire the exceptional panoramic view of Mont-Ventoux, the vineyards and surrounding olive groves or enjoy a homie candle light setting with a flame and a glass of wine. The chef is committed to using organic, and foraged locally sourced produce, meats, cereals, seasonings, mushrooms and fish creating fine traditional cuisine that tasted that it did centuries ago…

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Locked up in Paradise? Doing Hard Time this Summer with Ancient Surfaces

We invite you to go through these beautiful antique limestone pool coping for inspirations.


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Cool Ancient and Rustic Bathroom Designs

There’s a lot that falls under the category rustic. In recent years discount tile stores and big box home improvement stores have abused and hammered this term into ad nauseum.
We saw fit in this blog to try to regain the term and to pull it out of the jaws of the corporate marketing departments and back into its original Oxford and Webster dictionary roots.
Rustic décor usually draws inspiration from either French-country or Italian Farmhouse simple way of life just like its Asian counterpart known as Wabi-Sabi where fine and time honoured design elements are left to patina and wash off in texture and colour while retaining their functionality. beautiful-bathroom-design-ideas-limestone-sink-with-stone-wall-cladding
Original ancient and rustic style bathrooms means being close to the countryside, to nature and to truth. It seems that the best way to explain what a perfect rustic bathroom is, its when you feel as if you step into Provence or Tuscany every time you step into one.antique-reclaimed-bathroom-wall-cladding-stone-flooring-limestone-sink-countertop-marble-sink-old-ancient-surfaces
The main features or ancient rustic baths are first and foremost the infusion ans saturation of  all-natural materials like stone, marble, basalt, old growth or driftwood as well as calm furniture and textiles all from natural fabrics. the untold secret is to hide modern design touches pairing them seamlessly with more traditional stone elements in order to create something that reflects the best of both worlds.beautiful-limestone-bathroom-floors-with-a-limestone-tub
We aim to create mystical and meditative alcoves and exclusion zones when we create and design our one of a kind a relaxing rustic bathroom atmospheres to simply put it.
Easily, it’s a cozy space where you can enjoy a bath with lots of foam and feel closer to nature. antique-marble-bath-tub-reclaimed-ancient-surfaces
Please enjoy our mesmerising aesthetic and calm elements from ancient wood, brick, terracotta, iron and stone that we have re-purposed, reused and up-cycled in order to create our unique Rustic Bathroom visions…
Here are some or our latest breath taking bathroom ideas for you to admire and take inspiration from below:beautiful-bathroom-design-limestone-flooring-with-a-majestic-marble-tub-and-wood-beamsbedroom-design-with-limestone-sinkhis-and-her-wall-limestone-sink-reclaimed-ancient-surfacesMaster Bathroom Ancient SurfacesMediterranean-Reclaimed-Side-limestone-fountain-antique-reclaimed-limestone-bathtubAntique-limestone-bathroom-sink-design


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The Baumanière Hotel, A witness in Stone

Les Baux de Provence is a very special region in South France. While the areas around Alix-en-Provence, Avignon and of course the Côte d’Azur are well known globally, this is a rather hidden gem!
We like to introduce you to this region by featuring a recent remodel of a famous boutique hotel that was decked out with the finest architectural antique stone elements that money can buy.  Et Voila! – the famous Baumanière Hotel.
Today, ‘Marie Noelie Charial’ and her parents run their ancestral hotel like a well oiled engine.
When Marie’s great grandfather ‘Raymond Thuilier’ founded the hotel in 1945, he had just quit his job working in the insurance business. He was no trained Chef, but he started cooking there and received 3 Michelin stars for his efforts only 9 years later. Today you can still sense a strong hands-on gastronomical presence in this place, even after growing into a complex with 5 different buildings, 3 swimming pools, endless gardens, fountains and patios that feels more like a small village, than a hotel with 54 rooms and suites.
This main building called “Le Manoir” has a funny history – half of it was once bought by a guest who wanted to stay whenever he pleased, without having to book a room. When he passed, the hotel could buy the property back, but decided to leave it in it’s original state. Therefore the house now has two different facades and styles, making the stone remodelling process ever so interesting.
‘L’Oustau’ is the oldest piece of the puzzle at the Baumanière Hotel. This was the first building Monsieur Thuilier had bought and turned into the now famous 3 Michelin star restaurant and hotel. This is where he was one of the first to introduce vegetarian haute cuisine in France – a country with no specific vegetarian tradition. He brought back the inspiration for this form of cooking from his travels to India, where he got overwhelmed by the possibilities of vegetarian dishes. A risky move at the time but like the rest of the hotel it has proven to be a bet worth the gamble.antique-limestone-outdoor-courtyard-pool-fountainHotel-luxe-Baumaniere-Antique-Limestone
Guests often get spoiled with a 8-course dinner beyond any description. Even after years and years of vegetarian cooking and eating many discover that they have never eaten anything as refined and rich in variety as what they get served at the ‘L’Oustau’. The tasting menu included dishes made with the organic vegetables, that are carefully grown in the hotel’s own garden amidst ancient limestone walkways, antique stone fountains, troughs, planters and jars.

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Nothing shouts summer like the texture of rattan, wicker, sea grass or for that matter natural woven of any kind. Whatever that object may be, a straw hat or chair, a woven tote or a wicker chaise just throw it over a clear, earthy silky antique limestone planks and you have a mission accomplished – it is always fresh, crisp and ever so graphically textural. These things forever evoke memories of long summer days and sultry summer nights. I hope you all are planning to spend a long, languid weekend  at the beach, on the lake or wasting the day away in a hammock on a mountain porch sipping a summery cocktail in a warm breeze for this enjoyable summer we’re just embarking on.provence-nature-outdoor-pool-with-limestone-pool-coping-outdoor-seating-area-with-limestone-flooring-biblical-stone-paversoutdoor-provence-nature-limestone-wall-fountain-antique-stoneoutdoor-pool-fountain-wall-fountain-limestone-stoneoutdoor-limestone-wall-fountain-antique-old-stoneoutdoor-limestone-trough-sink-antique-limestone-wall-cladding-ancient-surfaceslimestone-floorslimestone-kitchen-coutertop-wood-beams-limestone-wall-claddingoutdoor-limestone-slab-limestone-chimney-limestone-flooring-floorsfrench-villa-courtyard-with-limestone-flooring-and-antiue-limestone-pool-fountain-stone-columnsitalian-provence-outdoor-garden-with-limestone-benches-and-stone-columnslimestone-flooring-antique-stone-pavers-biblical-stoneantique-limestone-entrywayAntique Stone FlooringAntique Pizza oven and BBQ area with-limestone-flooring-floors-and-limestone-sink

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Come visit our interactive digital online catalog

Call us at: 212-461-0245 // 212-913-9588

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