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Architectural Gelato, an Italian Casa Frozen in Time

October 25, 2016

A historic place, full of magic, full of light and full of color.

Masseria Capasa of Martano, welcomes you with the charm of its walls steeped in history; with its colors and the scent of figs.d9dea14ffdd54d59b8a4699d65c110c1relais-masseria-capasa-04ancient-surfaces-stone-casa4131d327d9b141cb95f8d9e8bab0d443

The surrounding countryside is not less beautiful forming the perfect backdrop to the Masseria’s open spaces, rooms and spacious courtyards and follies.relais_masseria_capasa_hqroom_ru_04relais-masseria-capasa-28untitlede6e939daff5c4fcb93c32de5f60c85fbpic6

Every tree, paver, roof tile and stone wall shown here has been sun drenched 9 months a year. Every pebble, tree branch, corner block, entryway and window sill, provides your eyes, mind and soul with ascendance, serenity and hospitality.pergoda-terrace-relais-masseria-capasa-hotelterrace-relais-masseria-capasa-hotel6cortile-internoec832a0e-19a7-43d3-8cc7-c6b05258aaaa-1-10

Every created detail has been carefully designed to respect the order of nature and historical

A special and unusual location for an important event, special lunch, for a dinner with friends or for newlyweds, both, the indoor and outdoor dining and living spaces are incredible places, beautifully framed for a spectacular and unforgettable milestone events.sofa-living-room-relais-masseria-capasa-hotelcasa-del-mariafb9ccc19b487444f9e3041956af0ee4foutdoor-table-lighting-parasol-relais-masseria-capasa-hotelrelais-masseria-capasa-1015_456531870_12012015_4122707_pic

At the Masseria Capasa you’ll feel privileged and pampered unlike any other place.
Taylor your next vacation to Italy and get pampered in the Masseria Capasa Boutique hotel and surround yourself with wave after wave of splendid Architectural Stone Elements that can only be obtained at Ancient Surfaces in New York.stone-bathtub-tiles-relais-masseria-capasa-hotel2b48444561ae4a79bf3dc00a94f6956141e9b90dcc604200a39da398e51c0f74c0a662077c904c9d8b20d780ec2b3b69d2f2efb1c0b5453c91f2d5054b700b39

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  1. What a beautiful space!

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