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A Soft Heart for Hard Stone

September 7, 2016

For years artist and designer Giovanna Cellini was the owner and founder of a highly successful French antique store in Luberon France. Monthly she goes on private acquisition trip to all parts of Europe including her local Provence, fueling our constantly growing holding yards that contain an endless trove of antique architectural acquisitions.food_wine_103giletdeschamps6

Giovanna – Italian by heritage, born in France, grew up in Morocco then at 17 left for the ‘École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris’ where she finished a Master’s degree in Art History.tumblr_lrli743yvs1qfglxno1_1280

During her time there she developed a passion for visiting flea markets and rummaging through the famed ‘Marche aux Puce’ that has remained to this day her place of chaotic Zen.Kapelle, Ensba Paris

From working for prestigious Auction houses to co-curating the local Renaissance Museum and then a few years carrier as an interior designer and antiques restorer, Giovanna finally settled as a prominent antiquarian and antique appraiser as well as a force to be reckoned with in the main reclaimed antiques market Milieu.Nicolas Poussin, Ensba, Paris

Fortunately, her passion for reclaimed stone had cemented her relationship with Ancient Surfaces who itself a living breathing hub or ancient stone masterpieces as well as an absolute candy store to any passionate Art Historian.taille_rosace_momokejjo112dsc_8084

For the past fifteen years Giovanna has been our chief creative director and designer. She’s been carefully restoring and diligently supervising the piece by piece reassembly of every antique stone fountain, stone fireplace, stone sink and limestone entryway we have in stock.p11_a25-un-mas-provencal-en-pierream1076-155-lr-1am1003-149-lr-1greystone-showcase-house-2012gorgeous-gardens-dumbarton-oaks

She merges her keen eye for design with her scholastic savvy of historical ratios and architectural scaling when restoring and supervising the hand carving of each of our unique art pieces.2016-02-08-160407-cm-sunh-17

For many years now, Ancient Surfaces has been blessed with World renowned antique stone that will most definitely  constitute the landmarks of tomorrow. We can only make that possible through the contributions and the patronage of our connoisseurs of clientele and designers that will settle for nothing but the very best. The post below is an article in a magazine “Casantica”  featuring our stones.casantica-cop


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