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French country meets southern Californian farmhouse

January 1, 2016


For people who love design and architecture, looking at some homes is something like gazing at rugged Greek isles, a rolling Western mountain range or the point where the white of Hawaiian sand meets the strong blue of the Pacific Ocean — they are just so beautiful it hurts. Of course, no human-made structure is a real match for the majesty of the natural world, but some of them come pretty close especially when they are a product of a long time honored architectural tradition that has morphed over millennia. A prime example is this California wine country home. It’s a new home, but its classic details, rustic materials and perfect siting make it a timeless beauty with a French touch.


Vintage 1960’s Zebra bar stools welcome guests from the sunroom into the kitchen, adding a rustic design element to the room’s modern farmhouse style. The windows open to a kitchen side courtyard covered with a French style double shelf glass holder


A butcher block island faces the great room; an old retrofitted French farmhouse style antique limestone fireplace beautifully covers the kitchen hood stove which lays on very special thick Oolitic Limestone foundation slab tops installed by Ancient surface.  The milk bottle pendant lighting adds warmth and authenticity to the great kitchen.

Living Room-1-Flores

Natural earth tone colors, weathered and collectible antiques stands on our antique foundation stone slab shelves flanking an antique fireplace mantels which was specifically imported for this project and was installed by the locally contracted stone tile shop. This understated one of a kind Italian fireplace defines the entire character of the living room and even the house in its entirety given the openness of its architectural design. The large disappearing sliding bay window brightens the colors of the stone and furniture.

Living Room to Patio-1-PS-b

The disappearing French doors open to an expanded outdoor ‘Al Fresco’ style living room that organically transitions into the BBQ and dining area by the bayside from one section and into a fire pit seating area from another.

Dining Room-Flores -21

The cozy dining room is open to the foyer and is connected to the kitchen. Natural off white leather chairs, the flowers on a silver trail offers a warm invitation with the reclaimed wooden table. On the wall, an authentic Pacific sword fish hangs over the dining room wall reflecting the nautical stile of this impressive property. Candles, a pot & a stone decorative element rest on the wall while adding a nautical feel to the dining room.

Boy Room First Floor-B

The master bedroom is marked by subtle calm tones and soft textures. This visually comforting feel is accentuated by an original French farmhouse nightstand with a visible authentic washed off patina. It’s juxtaposed with a contemporary black leather desk and three acrylic chairs. The door leads to a small outdoor side garden that brings the bedroom to life.

CA Homes-008902e

As in any traditional Sothern French farmhouse you literally see every nook and cranny being optimized and utilized efficiently without sacrificing form to service function. He you see the crawl space created below the staircase to the second floor being converted to an artistic wine storage room.

Bathroom Infinity Bath Tub-B

A radically different looking bathtub designed with a traditional 16th century Spanish wash basin in mind. Slanted from one side and straight from another. The stainless steel infinity line edge and below drain liner makes this bathtub unrivaled in it contemporary natural beauty. The Millennium Limestone used in this bathtub has no equal in beauty, strength and guaranteed durability


Last but not least the main entrance to the house that sits on the left side of the property consists of two coy ponds separated by the running bond Oolitic Millennium limestone bridge walkway of the front door. The entry also carries a contemporary linear architecture assembled out of antique reclaimed Limestone from old entryway legs to massive side planks of old thick limestone slabs.


This lovely yet paradoxical laundry room features an Italian 16th century antique sink that had a modern faucet and plumbing incorporated into it. The floor and air drying nook was made with antique reclaimed French bakers bricks while the closets and countertop reflected a more contemporary take just like their neighboring faucet did.

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