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Restoration of a Ruined Bastide French Farmhouse

April 1, 2016

Collapsing and in disarray, abandoned and neglected… These are only some of the words that bolt swiftly to mind when Ancient Surface’s team drove past this Provencal House. The French farmhouse, a place where lives and memories were once made in was a place that once upon a time housed a farmer and his family back in the 17thcentury. After generations of solitude and overgrown vegetation, the new owners decide to show this home some love by resurrecting it back to life.

What is it about this French farmhouse that is so fascinating?

We couldn’t help but stop on a cold and stormy day to take a closer look and contemplate the beauty of the ancient French farmhouse. We imagined the ancient times of the farmhouse and wondered on its beginnings and its past stories. The shutters were collapsing from their hinges, the doors had long perished and the Ravens were the only creatures in residence.

Our target was to design and restore this wrecked farmhouse into a serene family home in a contemporary farmhouse genre.


It is not only the architectural style and elements of the farmhouse that appeals to us but also the character and simplicity of the indigenous materials used to construct these countryside buildings. French farmhouses are almost contemporary in their purity. Limestone floors in the, family, dining, kitchen and bathrooms and simple hand carved stone fireplaces were a definite hallmark of farmhouse home interiors.



Standing outside this long abandoned farmhouse, we were able to imagine how this farmhouse would have once look – loved, lived in, full of motion and noise. And so it began our authentic restoration of this ancient French farmhouse.

Scroll down to contemplate the beauty of this restored Bastide French Farmhouse

















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