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Who would have thought? Old World 15 Kitchen Designs that stand the test of time.

July 18, 2016

Nowadays interior designers strive more and more towards the incorporation of authentic stoned elements into any kitchen design including the modern ones. People feel infinitely more comforted by the presence of stone in their kitchen settings. The warmth of earth tones, the solid texture of ancient limestone, and the rich historical context of reclaimed pavers and countertops can all be acquired through Ancient Surfaces.

Photos of the following 15 kitchens are a living proof that authentic stone elements, antique reclaimed woods beams, original French troughs sinks and farmhouse flooring are still relevant in the 21st century.

Paris flea market kitchen

Spirit flea market for this beautiful kitchen that mixes perfectly materials: wood vintage dresser, zinc covered farm table and chandelier in stainless steel. A kitchen that cries out ‘A Paris’!167H7440

Authentic Country-Side Kitchen

A true country style kitchen is not without the traditional dishes of our grandmothers. Here to stage these beautiful dishes and jars, was integrated with the kitchen a large six seater old world dining table on top of large running bond planks of Limestone brings contemporary touch to the room.3196148597_a1f7e6e74f_o

Authentic country cooking

The spirit of French Dordogne mastered to perfection! In this kitchen traditional northern French Anne-Marie style table and chairs were used in the dining nook area were used. Particular attention was given to the reassessed lighting adding a more contemporary touch to grandma’s scales, jars, strainers and coffee cups that adorn the

The Spanish Hacienda kitchen

This kitchen definitely takes us to Seville or Marbella in the South of Spain. From floor to ceiling, everything seems to come from a distant past. Tableware, furniture and luster attest to its authenticity!4644687873_60977a01c7_o4644688277_9c7396e7cb_o4645303614_e92d2e2c8c_o

Grand Siècle mind countryside Kitchen

Here we spend hours in the kitchen to cook up delicious dishes … or admire the many decorative elements mottled with care. Worktop and sink stone, reclaimed wood beams on the ceiling, hand etched custom made lighting, old biblical world stone on the floors and salvaged Carrara marble backsplash panel from the 19th century. What else can you ask for.1420-1la-fi-hotprop-laguna-beach-compound-20141209-p-033

Kitchen Scandinavian country

Direct from the Scandinavian countryside, this kitchen mixes recycled pine old metal, antique limestone countertops, wide planks of old reclaimed limestone floors, an antique limestone backsplash feature and state of the art fixtures and appliances.Kichen Marble Trough Sink-0749120036_6-b

Cozy Kitchen

Old world stove design, biblical stone floors, campagne style kitchen dining table and chairs that doubles as a secondary kitchen island, turn of the century coffee grinder, bread maker and hand mounted green juicer all together creating that scenic ideal mountain country side kitchen.Biblical-Stone-29

Kitchen countryside and rural

With a strong character, this kitchen combines brick worktop, wooden shelves and table with wrought iron legs. A rustic room that feels very French mountain side Alsatian!Kichen Marble Trough Sink-09Kichen Marble Trough Sink-10

Stone country kitchen

The very nature of this kitchen was based on the impressive ergonometric bowed faced antique trough sinks that is over 500 years old. It’s flanked on both sides with super thick 3 inch antique limestone counters called a foundation slab. In its back wall. Biblical stone pavers had been lined all through the backslap lash area creating a perfect buffer zone between the counter surfaces below and the dark oak cabinetry above.Biblical-Stone-31

Kitchen campagne zen style

The zen style is also very pure hues. As in this kitchen where white and beige combine closets with lime washed wooden shelves through the kitchen, a butcher block table dining with matching chairs  to create a very relaxing atmosphere.Kichen Marble Trough Sink-19Kichen Marble Trough Sink-18

Kitchen Provencal countryside

Robust and timeless, this kitchen evokes the soothing tones of old kitchens brilliantly. Completely assembled out of a reclaimed architectural elements such as the antique doors and shutters that were converted to the kitchen cabinetry, the reclaimed farmhouse wood beamed retooled into the kitchen hood, several old countertops and limestone troughs recut together with limestone corbels forming the entire cabinetry work of this limestone rich kitchen. On the floors a silky smooth never ending symphony of the Kronos limestone is enough for any Queen Chef to claim dominion over her kitchen fiefdom.Kitchen Limestone Trough Sink-15

Industrial country kitchen

Both of those beautiful kitchens are overflowing with decorative ideas! A perfectly successful combination of vintage parts and modern/old world materials for an authentic character cuisine.Arcane Stone in Kitchen 3Kitchen Limestone Trough Sink-33

The re-incarnated kitchen

In this kitchen, the grandma’s style cabinetry was converted to ultra-convenient closet. The shelves have been populated by various spice, jams, fermentation jars and cookbooks while the closet doors concealed bottles and strainers. The backsplash wall consists of reclaimed limestone Tuscan cladding shadowing the jet black basalt countertops that are symmetrically separated by a hand carved white marble trough sink.Kichen Marble Trough Sink-15

Kitchen campagne worthy of a castle

In this kitchen cradled in soft light, made way for uninterrupted vignettes that could indigenously showcase an elegantly design sink area, a functional kitchen oven with the corresponding cooktop, and an expansive countertop space horse chewing a dreamy island filled with all modern days and amenities.2-c0_FrenchCountryKitchen

Little house in the prairie

This small kitchenette represents the campagn style at its best thanks to a stone wall where retro accessories old shaker, watering can and old bottles were stowed away. Old world biblical flooring stones were installed in the kitchen with a wooden limestone countertop.

This little house in the prairie is an authentic French farmhouse which demonstrates that size doesn’t matter when trying to recreate the French farmhouse mood.Biblical-Stone-01-e143554558929912328c5e0395707b65d851e2ca19d112314385_721598837970655_7345815143123698510_cBiblical-Stone-30


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