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An unexpected stop in one of Provence most intriguing farmhouses

February 20, 2017

Many of my favorite images can be seen in one very special remodeled French farmhouse that has helped to inspire a new generation of interior designers. It was featured in one of the most prestigious French interior design magazine back in 2003 but still remain one very influential and inspirational projects we’ve worked on.

The lovely fawn tones of the sofa linen merges perfectly with the color tonality of the antique limestone fireplaces shown. The heavy volume and apparent weight of the simplistic fabric gives it more value and gravity.


The furniture in this room is a blend of Italian and Provençal furniture from 18th and 19th century. Notice the distinctive architectural elements:  baroque styled doorway and bookcase, the unique plaster arched ceiling supported by beams.

The doorway feature was modeled after the 18th century Venetian bookcase providing a lovely symmetry, height and color to either side of the Antique Stone Fireplace.french-provence-furniture-limestone-2-copy

More garden elements inside add to the informal ease of the space. Elements such as Antique Reclaimed ‘Biot’ terracotta Jars were originally used to store olive oil from as early as the 15th century such as the ones still available in Ancient Surfaces stocks. Also featured in this farmhouse, a pair of glass cloches on twin tables behind the grand couch laying below a lovely Venetian gondolier lantern.french-provence-furniture-limestone-3-copy

The shutters of this home are stunning and were sitting in our salvaged yard before they finally found a loving home to call their own. The lovely volume of the room carefully anointed with finds and as they call them in French ‘Objet Trouvais” or found as-is objects.french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-4-copy

Neutral tone on tone colors lifted and gilded surrounds lift this relatively minimalist Louis XV stone fireplace. The 19th Century Egyptian revival bust, the antique Italian Rococo fauteuils and the vintage lime washed Venetian Plaster complete the scenery.french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-5-copyfrench-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-6-copy

Loving the mixture of gilded and patina laden baroque with vintage metal tubs, Procession lantern stands alongside the 18th century painted secretary, is surely the look and color pallet I am inspired by and will be using when remodeling my own home.french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-7-copy

Moving now towards the dining room one can notice a trove of Italian chairs around a simple wood table sitting peacefully below an Italian gilt wood and metal chandelier.french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-8-copy

This photo of the daughter’s bedroom shows a 19th century bed covered with authentic provincial jute linen laying on the bed and a driftwood headboard. Beautiful and huggable Swathes of cheesecloth looped from the beamed ceiling. Authentic hexagonal antique and reclaimed limestone piece cover the entire bedroom floor surfaces.french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-9-copy

In the master bedroom a Napoleonic Period antique French bed dominates the entire scenery.french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-10-copyfrench-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-11-copy

Carved Italian chairs and night stand accentuate the Provencal ambience of the space.french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-12-copy

The vaulted ceiling in the kitchen fills the atmosphere with a Romanesque and Medieval sensation. A Baroque gilded chandelier over the 19th century kitchen nook Swedish table surrounded by period 18th century French chairs. The Limestone Wall is heavily decorated with ‘Moustiers and ‘Sarreguemine’ porcelain and faience plates while architectural reclaimed fragments can be found scattered all over the kitchen serving both an aesthetic and utilitarian purpose. french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-13-copy

Exterior View of the late 17th to 18th century farmhouse as featured in many publications and magazines since its completion back in 2003.french-provence-furniture-limestone-ancient-surfaces-14


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