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From Manor to Monumental. A must see in Axial Architecture Design

March 14, 2017

The architect, used an axial architectural design for this home, another distinctively old world European design concept. Simply put, axial architecture is the symmetrical layout of a building, part of a building, around or along an axis — in this home’s case, the grand foyer. No matter which way you look, to the right, left or even upward, you find a symmetry of design that dramatically appeals to the eye.cuisine-rustique-de-pierres-et-bois copy

And before you think such symmetry might be monotonous or boring in any way, rest assured that is not the case. Though you can stand in the foyer and see from one end of the home to the other, each space is defined distinctively from the others by the height of the ceilings as well as the unique features of each ceiling.314928_17012518090050561546 copy

In the foyer, for example, the ceiling is domed, plastered and painted in the same fresco style used by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel.3ffd05bb4ac47c3993869de35bfc8b99 copy

In the dining room, the ceiling is groin-vaulted with stone on the corners to further define the space. The billiard room includes plaster and exposed beams, while each bedroom has a different ceiling, with a dramatic barrel arch in the master. The floors, too, in the bedrooms are gorgeous.Rees Robert + Partners LLC 15 copy

The master suite also offers a uniquely European feature — a fully hand carved roman style marble bath. This entire space is completely enclosed by stunning tile walls and fabulous glass doors. The tub, showerheads, benches, steam are all contained here and the effect is utter luxury.Carol-Glasser copy

Provençal ambiance is additionally attained through the use of many reclaimed elements throughout the home, as well as the use of furniture, rather than traditionally American built-ins. In Europe, the buildings are old and come ‘as is,’ so you’ll find that families will bring in furniture for storage, even in the kitchen and bathrooms. reesroberts-antoniozaninovic-residential-mainimage-large copymodern-natural-design-of-the-kitchen-table-bench-covers-that-has-cream-modern-wall-can-be-decor-with-wooden-cabinet-can-add-the-beauty-inside-the-modern-house-design-ideas copy

Not only are all of the interior doors reclaimed antiques from France and Belgium, but in the bathrooms and in the kitchen, there is antiqued or custom built furniture rather than cabinetry. The lighting throughout the home, too, is reclaimed antique or made authentically in an Italian Atelier. The exterior doors and all of the windows downstairs are steel as done in Europe; the beautiful picture windows in the dining room were influenced by the acclaimed designer John Saladino.841539885aa47327162469c3857439b4 copy2750452_original copy

Additionally, a truly Provençal home offers its inhabitants and their guests a plethora of outdoor spaces to enjoy along with all of the grandeur indoors.4b796971cd24d8a349b8b109c9116edf copy

This home is no exception. There are no fewer than five outdoor spaces, each as lovely as the other and each as inviting as any of the rooms inside.

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Comfortable furniture, interesting accessories, essential shade and lovely landscaping beckon from every window in every room.MJ_Photography_RMW_Submission_081 copydubrovnik_croatia_823278 copyab22c8188ad531f597d13a86f4a9f964 copy


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