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French Farmhouses. The Perfect Time Capsule.

April 15, 2017
I am still not tired of beautiful French farmhouse style whether its presented as an authentic homestead in Provence or simply in timeless and tranquil spirit outside of France.Fak copy
Let’s be perfectly candid for a second…there’s “French Farmhouse” style clichés that a lot  of designers try to emulate worldwide outside of France, and then there’s the real thing, as in, a farmhouse located in France.280155397 copy
One can almost never get to reproduce the real deal without having spent a few years living in France breathing the provincial air, drinking its water and interacting with its people…IMG_1469 copy
I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of lovely moments that best bring home the ‘French Farmhouse’.
village-pierre-provenceScreenshot 2016-02-20 01.56 copyrustic-outdoor-space-dede-pratesi-tuscany-italy-201110-2_1000 copyMG_8512 copyIMG_4400 copyIMG_0993 copyGuy-Deco® is gespecialiseerd in authentieke fonteinen gebeeldhoIMG_0799 copyIMG_0712 copyIMG_0674 copyIMG_0476 copyIMG_0471 copyIMG_0447 copyIMG_0323 copyIMG_0259 copyIMG_0195 copyIMG_0113 copyIMG_0013 copye5fda9e18efb8d995f1326f0f7faf5c copyAix3 copy17724730 copy279375babcb524c0e3cd3cf6af914661 copy2219 copy2218 copy2217 copy2079 copy2072 copy2068 copy1334 copy1189 copy1171 copy1169 copy63b4f213db01e2b6049bad179755451d copy


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