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Malibu Home made entirely out of Reclaimed Architectural Antique Stone and wood.

July 1, 2017

Many people dream of owning a custom home in Malibu overlooking the beautiful beaches, but they typically don’t imagine it made entirely of salvaged materials. The Wall Street Journal recently published the article, “A Vintage Modern Mashup Home in Malibu” where they describe the lengthy process this family went through to build their dream home.custom_west_living1 copy

I had my doubts when I read the headline of this article; however, after reading further and looking at pictures I couldn’t help but be impressed.custom_west_living5 copy

They successfully built a beautiful deconstructed French Townhouse with a modern and vintage twist in the hills of Malibu made entirely of recycled and salvaged materials!Untitled-1mediterranean-landscape copy

The property even includes a bridge made of salvaged wood from a Malibu pier. Make sure to give the article a thorough read when you have a change; it’s inspiring!custom_west_living2 copycustom_west_bath copy

The owners built their home around an existing hunting lodge they purchased in Malibu, Calif. The result is a 5,000-square-foot home made from mostly recycled and salvaged materials. Their 2-acre property in the Ramirez Canyon neighbourhood in Malibu, California was a continuous labour of love taking them a decade to finish.Arcane-Stone--CDM-2 copy

While most owners opt to live elsewhere during the chaos of construction, some like to be hands on and finish one section at a time while supervising and tweaking the project as they go.custom_west_living4 copy

This Wall Street Journal article reminded us of another project we’ve completed in Malibu and it too was entirely rebuilt using one of a kind architectural antique element.
It was called the West Winding Way copySS_20130923235632084780000000_13 copy

Attention was paid to every detail throughout the home such as, hand-painted tiles the ancient reclaimed antique limestone fireplace by Ancient Surfaces and the antique wrought iron, wood beams, doors and shutters scattered although this ocean adobe. 1824-2 copyhome-design copy

Picturesque ocean views were emphasised with open room designs and open space architecture coupled with windows and doors that allow for a strategic use of the natural Mediterranean-esque light. The antique dark ceiling and cabinetry provided a dramatic contrast to the rest of the home and added to the Mediterranean feel.custom_west_living3 copy

Arm-field Design with the clients and the famous Malibu architect, Doug Burdge, had a blast with all the details, hardware and dramatic reclaimed elements that filled the interiors of this custom Malibu estate. The collaboration was a success and enjoyable for all.

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