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Al Fresco Outdoor Living this Fall

September 30, 2017

Sumer is over and the weather shift is in the air as fall is in our midst. Who said the fall means your outdoor adventures are over and you should run a ‘do not cross’ yellow tape all you’re your backyard!provencal-farmhouse-outdoor-seating-area-limestone-flooring

Living outdoors is at its best when the environment is in full change and in full motion. The color palette is incredible as leaves and hues of light intermingle with mist and wind. The only missing element one can think of is fire.outdoor-limestone-wall-cladding-garden-provence

If your outdoor living space was conceived by a skillful landscape architect or designer you would be enjoying right about now an outside patio that can year-long entertain you and your love ones to the fullest.outdoor-limestone-pool-fountain

Your hard top patio can easily be your second living room or family room, your BBQ patio could have been designed as a second kitchen, lined up with all-weather Antique Reclaimed Limestone Floors by Ancient Surfaces.outdoor-limestone-patio-pool-coping-pool-fountain-limestone

Weather proof Built-ins outdoor ovens and overhead fireplaces range hoods can all be members of your outdoor orchestra playing all together to the same tune with the natural elements of the fall season.

If you’ve built such an outdoor space you’ll notice that no matter what conversation you and your dinner party guests are having, the conversation will eventually run its course back to your enchanting outdoor space you’ve created for yourself and your family.beautiful-outdoor-limestone-flooring-outdoor-limestone-wall-fountain

It is by no coincidence that ‘Ancient Surfaces’ stone elements were created with their client’s lifestyle and comforts in mind. Renewed beauty, ever-lasting serenity and intrinsic functionality are but a few of our tenets.outdoor-limestone-flooring-patio-provencal-garden-ancient-surfacesoutdoor-limestone-bench-antique

We’ve built our brand name over the course of many decades and have left in our wake a legion of satisfied and repeat customers that have made of us a household name.

Sunstone Winery villa

The rear patio as seen from the 2nd floor balcony outside the bedroom

Anyone’s front and backyard can be morphed into your personal haven whenever part and pieces of our stone lines are introduced.


One such feature is our outdoor fireplaces that transform your exteriors into living spaces starting from early spring well into the fall.

Can you paint the perfect fall day, where trees are all dressed up in their latest sepia attire, golden wheat stocks looking better than King Solomon’s best royal gown, and rusted leaves gathered in a finely weaved tapestry resting at times under your elms or birch and carried at times in a gentle vortex dancing its way scrod your backyard reminding you the circle of life.outdoor-garden-vineyard-provencal-decoroutdoor-ancient-surfaces

The beauty of autumn reminds us of the calm before the storm and the embrace before the final goodbye embodied by the white coat of winter.outdoor-antique-limestone-sink

Enjoying this lovely natural drama can be done in warmth and coziness under a closed patio design with one of our amazing antique stone fireplaces.outdoor-farmhouse-design

Once Ancient Surfaces fireplaces are in all you’d still need are a few pieces of furniture, a good flame going and perhaps a bottle of a good red wine.outdoor-fireplace-limestone-flooring-biblical-stone

It is true that Ancient Surfaces offers a lifetime warranty on its stone element, but our claim to fame is not the numbers of human years that you’ll be keeping you company but the timeless memories and in temporal joyful and loving moment we’ll be conducing thorough your lifetime.limestone-hand-carved-sculpture-outdoorantique-tarracotta-jars-outdoor-provencal-dining-tableancient-surfaces1ancient-surfaces

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