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September 28, 2018

In almost every interview I’ve ever given I get asked about the figures in the design world that inspire me most, and the question always gives me pause… There are so many incredible, talented, creative designers that I’ve looked up to since childhood, and some I have the blessing to work with and know them on a first name bases. The list can be a pretty eclectic, obscure, whimsical and has in the past depended on my design and spiritual maturity. The latter being evoked, one style that my inner soul seems to hover is eastern minimalism robed in neglect, wisdom and laissez-fair or better known as wabi-sabi.outdoor-seating-area-limestone-flooring-with-antique-limestone-fireplace-mantelold-world-architectural-hallway-with-limestone-stone-flooring-patios-limestone-wall-claddingmaster-bedroom-antique-limestone-flooring-wall-claddinglimestone-window-framelimestone-sink-marble-design

I quickly found that its pretty hard to find this term without being preceded of follower by Axel Vervoordt. He is not some comic book or novel anti-hero or a McGuffin like Keyser Söze or Emmanuel Goldstein, Axel is a school of thought, a reference, a pioneer, a precursor and a constant source of inspiration to many including yours truly, your humble stone reclaimer that only got to perfect his trade thanks to precursors like Mr. Vervoodt. love, admire, and looked up to by millions around the world, Axel Vervoordt was an influencer before the term took a nose dive to the worse after the advent of digital social mediahis=and-her-bathroom-sink-made-out-of-limestone-stonefarmhouse-kitchen-stone-sinks-wall-claddingDesigner-spotlight-bathroom-jaccuzibeautiful-design-of-a-bedroom-antique-modern-industrial-design

Double bed / combined / contemporary / upholstered

Seeing an Axel Vervoordt living space will instantaneously transport you into a raw and unitary state of existence, effortlessly none the less. There is something so primal, basic and foundational about his designs while remaining uncontestably unique. You know it’s Vervoordt when you see his work and it’s as simple as that! His look is incredibly basic yet near impossible to replicate and recreate! What I love the most about what he does is that even if you ask him to redo his own work he won’t be able to because every space he creates came from various sets of events and conditions that have triggered its creation— this singular uniqueness that makes him stand out, doesn’t translate to a cookie-cutter style (thankfully).bathroom-limestone-bathtub-with-limestone-flooringantique-modern-design-living-room-wooden-table-limestone-wall-cladding That is a brilliant and incredibly difficult modus operandi for any designer to walk: simultaneously having a recognizable and unique aesthetic all to yourself, while still making every single space feel individual and special.
This is why I felt a certain kinship to Axel and any other pioneer who’ve decided to dare to see things from their own unique perspective and to carve out their own paths in life.antique-limestone-sink-design-beautifulantique-limestone-sink-design


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