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Sinkaholics and not so Anonymous about it!

March 6, 2019

Those are the crème de la crème of ancient marble and stone sinks.

Their composition, textures and subject matter are unique.

If you want to own a fine limestone or marble sink that is both functional and art historic for your master bath, powder or kitchen look no further than our collection.

Those sinks would have been a badge of honour in any grand architect or master designer’s house.

The likes of Wallace Neff, Addison Mizner or Michael Taylor would have designed an entire room or even a house around them…

Our sinks are a few centuries old (some even older than that) and have been individually salvaged from ruined farmhouses and ancient villas from the south of France and Italy. We’ve been steadily collecting those reclaimed sinks for over 40 years.

Our extensive limestone and marble sink collection is unrivalled anywhere in the continental US and Europe. We will be shortly creating an entire website dedicated to showcasing the 2,000 sinks that we currently stock.

It is not surprising that over 50 of our rare and unique sinks have been featured in all the top design magazines over the years.

Call us today so we can grant you access to our massive online database of sinks that we locally warehouse in France and America.

Very few options can possibly be better than a unique, centuries old reclaimed Limestone Sink, salvaged from Europe and installed in your modern high-tech kitchen.

Our clients are at an advantage since they can pick from over 2,000 antique limestone, marble or Basalt sink that we stock. The only lead time on some of our sinks the shipping since they don’t have to be fabricated. Our Collection is unrivalled anywhere in the continental US and Europe. We have also creating an entire website dedicated to showcasing some 700 to 800 of our sinks out of our total 2,000 that we currently stock.

Call us today so we can grant you access to our massive online database of sinks that we locally warehouse for your viewing pleasure.



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