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Sicilia Mio

March 27, 2019

Hidden inside an intricate network of alleys at the heart of the historic city center, this vacation home rental in Modica exudes atmospheric history with a post-modernist sensibility.italian-limestone-wall-cladding-entryway-italian-house-vacation-beautifuloutdoor-seating-area-limestone-flooring-floors-stone-ancient-surfaces 

 Designed as a tribute to this UNESCO treasure, the owners’ undertook a creative and elegant approach to the remodel of this townhouse using nothing other than antique reclaimed architectural stone element exclusively procured from Ancient Surfaces in New York.vacation-italian-home-house-limestone-outdoor-flooringoutdoor-italian-house-farmhouse-limestone-flooring-floor-stonelimestone-flooring-floor-room-italian-design 

 With the aim of maintaining its original soul and restoring the spaces that time had hidden, the owners started peeling away layer after layer of bad renovations and quick fixes that later on have turned into a design and structural hazard!

 To their delight, during their time consuming endeavour they made a pleasant discovery of an ancient cave that was since walled off and was once used as a wine storage room.

 Enlisting skilled artisans and craftsmen to carefully refine the space, the owners have captured a place in time with a seamless transition thanks to the 100% authentic reclaimed stone and wood element used in the remodel. 

 Immersed in an enveloping light with the pulse of the city below, this is a unique hideaway in this dazzling Sicilian town.outdoor-italian-house-farmhouse-limestone-flooring-floor-stoneoutdoor-garden-italian-houseitalian-vacation-home-limestone-stone-floorsitalian-italy-house-farmhouse-beautiful-limestone-flooring-floorsitalian-italy-home-outdoor-kitchen-limstone-stairs-stoneitalian-house-vacation-limestone-stone-floors-flooringitalian-house-limestone-stone-flooringitalian-house-limestone-flooring -wall-cladding-stoneitalian-house-bedroom-antique-limestone-outdoor-flooringitalian-house-beautiful-outdoor-seating-area-limestone-wall-claddingitalian-home-house-farmhouse-view-landscape-farmhouse-flooringitalian-farmhouse-house-beautiful-italy-limestone-flooringantique-limestone-sink-sinks-farmhouse-wall-cladding-stone

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