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Cool Ancient and Rustic Bathroom Designs

June 12, 2019
There’s a lot that falls under the category rustic. In recent years discount tile stores and big box home improvement stores have abused and hammered this term into ad nauseum.
We saw fit in this blog to try to regain the term and to pull it out of the jaws of the corporate marketing departments and back into its original Oxford and Webster dictionary roots.
Rustic décor usually draws inspiration from either French-country or Italian Farmhouse simple way of life just like its Asian counterpart known as Wabi-Sabi where fine and time honoured design elements are left to patina and wash off in texture and colour while retaining their functionality. beautiful-bathroom-design-ideas-limestone-sink-with-stone-wall-cladding
Original ancient and rustic style bathrooms means being close to the countryside, to nature and to truth. It seems that the best way to explain what a perfect rustic bathroom is, its when you feel as if you step into Provence or Tuscany every time you step into one.antique-reclaimed-bathroom-wall-cladding-stone-flooring-limestone-sink-countertop-marble-sink-old-ancient-surfaces
The main features or ancient rustic baths are first and foremost the infusion ans saturation of  all-natural materials like stone, marble, basalt, old growth or driftwood as well as calm furniture and textiles all from natural fabrics. the untold secret is to hide modern design touches pairing them seamlessly with more traditional stone elements in order to create something that reflects the best of both worlds.beautiful-limestone-bathroom-floors-with-a-limestone-tub
We aim to create mystical and meditative alcoves and exclusion zones when we create and design our one of a kind a relaxing rustic bathroom atmospheres to simply put it.
Easily, it’s a cozy space where you can enjoy a bath with lots of foam and feel closer to nature. antique-marble-bath-tub-reclaimed-ancient-surfaces
Please enjoy our mesmerising aesthetic and calm elements from ancient wood, brick, terracotta, iron and stone that we have re-purposed, reused and up-cycled in order to create our unique Rustic Bathroom visions…
Here are some or our latest breath taking bathroom ideas for you to admire and take inspiration from below:beautiful-bathroom-design-limestone-flooring-with-a-majestic-marble-tub-and-wood-beamsbedroom-design-with-limestone-sinkhis-and-her-wall-limestone-sink-reclaimed-ancient-surfacesMaster Bathroom Ancient SurfacesMediterranean-Reclaimed-Side-limestone-fountain-antique-reclaimed-limestone-bathtubAntique-limestone-bathroom-sink-design


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