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The French countryside can be a stone throw away

September 30, 2019

The French Farmhouse style is born out of sheer love for the past and a desire to live a more comfortable and laid-back natural lifestyle that respects culture, heritage and the environment.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-courtyard-with-limestone-pavers

In cities all across America a movement in the way we style our homes is taking shape as the rediscovered beauty of the farmhouse style has reached critical mass. Simplicity and frugality recognizes no boundaries and hence can be experienced by a very wide audience.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-stone-planter-limestone-antiquefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-limestone-wall-fountain-stone-antique-hand-carved-beaut

It embraces an eclectic mix of periods and aesthetics, combining
the traditional stone filled farmhouse of centuries and decades ago with the modern trends and comforts of today.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-limestone-stairway-entryway-stone-flooring-biblical-stone-f

Oil burning lamps and candle sconces have been slowly replacing anything from crystal chandeliers to industrial factory lighting, sliding antique doors have become creative passageways and dividers, old mercantile signs and Encaustic tiles are now prized objets d’art, cupboards, bird cages and pie safes once reserved for the farmhouse kitchen have taken on new life as modern day centerpieces of a kitchen or living room—maintaining their storage function but newly revered as cherished discoveries.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-kitchen-limestone-hood-and-limestone-flooring

Nothing though comes close to the rediscovery of the design gravitas of an antique limestone fireplace and what it can potentially do to any room or home it goes in.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-limestone-antique-fireplace-hand-carved-stone-wood-beamsfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-limestone-fireplace-stone-flooring-floor-biblical-stonefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-beautiful-living-room-area-with-limestone-fireplace-wood-beams

I can personally attest to that incredible transformation in fireplace design trend nationally.
We have gone from fringe elements to a main staple of the American high-end design diet because the taste pallet of home owners has finally matured and has broke through the marketing veil of the cement, precast and fiberglass industries that has fenced people in under the pretext of ‘modern’ building materials.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-limestone-barbecue-with-limestone-stone-flooring-floorfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-courtyward-with-limestone-fireplace-seating-areafrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-courtyard-with-limestone-wall-cladding-stone-floori

Little by little, even our gardens and porches are now slowly reminiscing old farmhouse landscapes, featuring creative displays of rusty discarded, troughs, planters, Biot jars and other elements of the farm, all repurposed for the way we live today.french-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-antique-biot-jar-limestone-flooring-floors-stone-bibilical

French countryside wall stone has been re-purposed into walkways, curb stone and pool copings; Bottom crust of thick pavers have been up-cycled into stunning stone cladding and facings; antique massive dimensional foundations stone blocks have been re-milled into 2inch thick stone planks ideal for counter and stair surfaces and the list goes on.Outdoor-limestone-bench-french-farmhouse-ancient-surfacesfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-limestone-pool-coping-swimming-pool-stone-benchfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-living-room-with-majestic-limestone-fireplace-stone-stovefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-limestone-sink-stone-entryway-wine-cavefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-bedroom-design-with-antique-limestone-fireplacefrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-bedroom-with-limestone-wall-claddingfrench-farmhouse-ancient-surfaces-outdoor-courtyward-with-limestone-fireplace-seating-area

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