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Wabi Sabi Landscapes, Finding Beauty in Imperfection

October 30, 2019

It is thanks to a recent trip to Japan that I can finally put a name on a trend that was unnameable to me: the Wabi-Sabi. For me Wabi on one side evokes simplicity, nature, dis-symmetry and nostalgia. The Sabi refers to the patina of objects, old things decaying and weathering into an ultimate rebirth.Outdoor-limestone-hand-carved-garden-design

In three words, the Wabi-Sabi is ‘finding beauty in imperfection’. It feels good not to relax a little and say that not everything should be smooth, new, ultra-designed to be attractive … I feel close enough to this Zen ideal manifested in the Asian-centric Duality of Ying-Yang. Join us in this blog as we express this trend with images to better understand what this term means in terms of decoration.outdoor-limestone-wall-fountain-stone-stoneoutdoor-limestone-trough-lion-head-hand-carved

The TriBeCa Penthouse was created by Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt and Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki, for owners Ira Drukier and Robert De Niro.

The Wabi-Sabi Bathroom in a menagerie of antique Limestone floors and walls, white-washed plaster patina a reclaimed stone trough sink and ancient wood beams.


Imagine escaping to a place where an atmosphere of tranquillity and privacy unites with a climate of eternal summer. Eco-boutique hotels across the world are reverting back to simplicity and natural beauty. Whether overlooking the turquoise waters of the Atlantic, or on an isolated Adriatic Island, Modern conscientious luxury is now defined by the symbiotic natural and cultural beauty of its surroundings.outdoor-garden-with-limestone-arch

 Each spaces creates with Wabi-Sabi in mind provides an atmosphere of intimacy and calm without being intrusive within its natural environment. Those architectural creations seems to work best on spectacular properties with panoramic views of a nature reserve or coastlines, encompassing on many occasions lush indoor gardens, as well as private pools facing a beach and lost to the sea horizon.outdoor-limestone-sink-installed-on-wall-with-haoutdoor-limestone-sink-hand-carved

Whether Private villas or boutique hotels, Wabi-Sabi architectural gems can benefit tremendously from our antique reclaimed Limestone such our ‘Millennium Limestone Wide Planks’ or our Slicky smooth off-Gray shaded ‘Kronos Stone’.Outdoor-courtyard-french-farmhouse-countryside-limestone-flooring-wall-cladding

A true Wabi-Sabi spa bath creates diverse atmospheres conducive to relaxation and full Mind/Body/Soul healing. Your Spa, with the use of elements such as plaster patina, old wood textures, aromatic flavored essences, meditative sounds and ancient Limestone pavers becomes a sanctuary of well-being and an escape vehicle from the daily mundane.limestone-wall-fountain-stone-hand-carved

Wabi-sabi is letting your furniture pieces express themselves while appreciating each marking of time that happens to shape and reshape them.outdoor-courtyard-with-beautiful-old-limestone-fireplace

The acceptance of transience and imperfection is the acceptance of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. Are you up to some Wabi-Sabi yet?


Very few architectural stone elements can be more relaxing and meditative than an indoor coy pond patio complete with a medieval wall fountain and a connecting stone water channel. All respecting the Wabi-Sabi principle of non-restoration and reusing as is.beautiful-outdoor-limestone-status-stone

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