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“Narrow is the path to heaven”. 15 garden stone walkways that are out of this world.

May 20, 2016

Anyone with a green thumb can plant and maintain a beautiful garden with edible plants or otherwise. Turning that garden into a meditative space that will help you unwind and recharge may require a bit more than good mulch and a wheel-barrel.342N1226-4

A well designed garden space will quickly loosen your tension and swiftly transport you from the daily grind into the loving arms of the nature.
To enjoy your green space you need to be able to navigate it, fit into it and to contemplate it. A well thought out pathway can be as important to your landscape as any other prominent garden feature such as the seating spaces, the pools, fountains or the outdoor fire pits and fireplaces.

exterior fireplace

A narrow paved path can be an invitation to wander and discover the details of the garden, a place to relax while strolling as you slow down and breathe scent of roses and hear the melody of the birds and water.342N1211-3

These design ideas will surely transform your garden into a welcoming oasis designed to be lived in and not only watched from afar.

Step by step

These pavers irregularly shaped trace their way through a lush garden that unites the color and texture as traditional as fanciful elements.DSC_1690-2

A designer touch

An overpass hard exotic limestone path is a suitable choice for a tropical garden. The boards even leave space for placing lights in the driveway.Kronos-13

A touch of tradition

An avenue that combines pavers or slabs in gravel creates a décor of traditional European gardens and adds a little poetry and glamour to your garden. The wide and narrow pavement give the path a movement and perspective.c6f92b67d24dcf1d8fbf90908aaae38aKronos-1141

The charm of the cottage

An exquisite garden, isn’t it? Inlaid tiles are ideal in such spaces. They’re so pretty it makes the garden look like the ones in a fairy tale.

exterior doorway

Artistic Touch

This Avenue of Aboriginal-style garden attracts even more the look that wood successor to halfway pebbles. It connects the back of the house to a side door.path09

River pebbles

Hopping from step to step to go down this path, you are sure to go back to childhood.DSC_4028

Easy to do

The paving stones inserted into the gravel alleviate the drudgery of weeding, plus they are superb!421-6729-200807091446small


Integrated in a lush green lawn, these large format pavers create a dramatic drive day and night.sg_ext_nite_pool_house_lowres1

Gift of nature

Integrated massive antique sheets of limestone blocks sections in the ground create a whimsical alley or a playful design feature in any courtyard which is absolutely mind blowing. It is exactly the detail that you were missing in you private garden retreat.Demshur_CA-164

Thick Hexagon

The thick hexagon staggered stepping stones ideal for any ancient, whimsical, 17th century English or Asiatic landscaping themes you may be using in your outdoors.



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