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Under the Tuscan shroud, Tuscany best hidden stone secrets now revealed.

May 26, 2016

A well-secluded place where the spirit finds its reconciliation, located between the Romagna, the Marches and Tuscany.Petrella_Guidi_by_Elisa_Severi

Arriving to this old historical house and stepping inside its restored entryway, one does not leave this house the same way they’ve entered; chaos and life worries melt out, rejuvenation and inspiration are imbued.Casa_Maestra_

This ancient marvel, with its traditional architectural features are determined to leave its welcomed visitors breathless. Casa Maestra is an absolute country-side adobe that was created with a sole purpose in mind, a complete sensory overload of nature, culture, history and a devotion to an alfresco style of being.hPetrella_Guidi_0101

It has been said that once you’ve seen the other side of the world, everything else is measured by the steps it will take to voyage there once more.Petrella_Guidi_0097

It’s the return to innocence, to basics, to our roots in nature which is both our greater teacher and mother. It seems this picturesque environment exists only in a separate plateau of reality.DSC_0144

Just like a soul needs a body to experience worldliness, the casa, is a meditative cloister that is still in need of monks to fulfill its grand design.Petrella_Guidi_01_copie

The Casa is separated from our modern way of life yet is still a part of us just as the sum of the whole is greater than its parts.DSC_0429

Ironically no master piece can be in a vacuum without the eyes of the beholder valuing it. DSC_0136-2


Lively laughter filling its halls, rowdy children running around in its terraces, lovers holding hands by its infinity pool in the sunset and the entire family enjoying a traditional animated Tuscan meal on its outdoor patio, are what makes this casa a living masterpiece.DSC_0498

Without the human element, without love this marvel is but a piles of rock.DSC_0551DSC_0491-3


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