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Top 10 dream stairs design to call your own after climbing the corporate ladders

June 1, 2016

Stairs are one of the most basic indoors and outdoors architectural feature that are a must, both functionally and aesthetically speaking.mediterranean-exterior

In landscaping, beside their obvious usefulness in helping you access various elevations, they also allow you to divide and breakup various section of your outdoor design. Limestone stairs can redirect the onlooker line of sight to specific focal points of interest. In and by themselves, solid limestone stairs can make a powerful design statement that symbolizes hospitality and openness towards guests.image1091

When creating staircases out of our antique stone building elements we focus on wearing all of those hats that your stairs need in order to serve their intended multipurpose role. Stairs-06-b

Most don’t dwell or even think twice about this seemingly rudimentary and basic building element that at first glance seems unchanged since the days of the Roman Empire.
However we’ve identified various stair designs and cataloged over 30 diverse stone stair type that forms the bulk of our stair library. Here are a few that are noteworthy of mentioning:

1- The 3″ and 5″ Thick foundation slab slices that are massive stone sheets cut-out from salvaged foundation blocks. Those blocks used to be laid underneath old farmhouses and buildings in medieval days before the invention of modern cement and steel foundations in order to keep those structures from collapsing.Foundation-Slabs-for-stairs-Slabs-51


2- The double stacked antique reclaimed limestone stair edge and risers. All made out of our various split tile pieces of very hard antique limestone paves that defies all weather conditions from sub-Saharan to Tundra climates and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.Arcane-Stone-009-L

3- Full blocked 8″ thick (or more) stairs with both, squared backs and slanted backs which are ideal for the outdoors or for creating a self-supporting structure that will allow architects to create elevated pool decks and barbecue patios that would have been previously hard to realize without extensive structure engineering. Full-Antique-Stairs-Entry-20130820_081425





4- Limestone stairs with works best for any coastal Spanish or Italian style home. 688dd1678001eccad94d2f7478bced01


5- Thick and solid single pieced bull-nosed stairs and raisers flanked by wrist high limestone balustrades when used on the outdoor entryway staircase of your home.Full-Antique-Stairs-Villa Piedras Albas Courtyard

Full Antique Stairs-03Full Antique Stairs-02


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