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America’s Swiss Alps? A closer look into Aspen’s hidden retreat.

November 5, 2016

Aspen. It evokes images of snow-covered hills. Pristine ski resorts and Fendi-laden snow bunnies. Grand stone fireplaces and soaring vistas.img461

A sea of intricately designed, Moroccan-patterned tile that cradles a modern-exotic master suite under a luscious tangle of rich antique encaustic tile floors,antique-encaustic-cement-tiles-29

Biblical stone pavers imported from Mediterranean islands all showcasing eclectic mix of furniture.biblical-stone-31

It does in this ultra-romantic, exquisitely designed master suite, just one of the magnificent spaces comprising this 15,000-square-foot, 15-acre European mountain estate.img124

“This house has a worldly feel to it,” says the owner.

“You can see the influence from other areas around the globe. An international traveler look is what my wife and I went for. img326

The allure of a space that feels like an homage to a trip around the world is unmistakable- So too is how the room came together-img225





That distinctive flooring in the master suite was inspired by a trip we took with one of the biggest stars in the world at the time.veranda-may-june-2004-sun-3

We have custom replicated the bathtub the intricate antique Carrara marble floors beneath from our stay in one of the five stars Mediterranean villas we stayed in over a weekend.img404

All through the master suite, the stunning floor looks like nothing we’ve seen anywhere back

Our extensive travels was the reason why we’ve redefined the architectural essence of our dream home we now live in.img072

It went from a Gustavian, Scandinavian style with contemporary touches to a tapestry of Mediterranean influences and styles merging seamlessly together just as we saw during our 2014 Mediterranean trip covering Bastia, Bari, Tangiers, Palermo and Smyrna…”.bastides23

Those amazing limestone floors, have been gathered from countless coastal European villages that once harbored Venetian and Turkish vessels, seeing the brunt of post medieval conflicts and changes that marked the fifteen and sixteenth century.img467

A plush upholstered settee gracing the far wall continues the palette, with a deep blue tufted bench at the foot of the bed offering the only other hint of color.15257_fha_sills-fifieldaspen_17_02

The room’s breezy white bedding is the stuff romance novels are made out of.

Pristine white plaster walls provide a serene backdrop while introducing another distinctive element: decorative plaster motifs reminiscent of the provincial homes of France and Italy.Pallazo Terranova Collanata

The rest of the ample space holds simply: a pair of turned-leg nightstands, a solitary wooden chair, one tall iron candelabra and a smattering of vases and table lamps. The effect is powerful, purposeful, imparting a sense that each piece was carefully chosen and placed, and bridging the expanse of the room with a feeling of splendor.rustic-living-room-axel-vervoordt-rome-italy-201303-3_1000

Summarizing this remarkable villa in one sentence: One can help but to dwell on the words of the American artist Amy Stewart who said “once you have seen the other side of the world, everything else Is measured by the steps it will take to voyage once more”.


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