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The French kitchen campagne style, one style to rule them all.

November 10, 2016

Who amongst us can’t resist the charm of authentic French Provençal kitchen design assembled from genuine antique building materials?clos_luce_castle_-_kitchenWe hope to highlight in this blog few quintessential French Provençal kitchens with all their distinctive architectural elements and appointments.

It’s been said, that heartfelt homemade cuisine is made with authentic ingredients, patience and love.8158475965_68c7d8bf5a_o

The same could be said for authentic kitchen design where sourcing the right stones, woods, marbles and cooked earth form the basic building blocks to a yummy kitchen design recipe.biblical-stone-with-limestone-cabinetry-and-foundation-slabs-countertop-01

Unlike preparing a French soufflé that takes a decent amount of knowhow, time and effort to perfect, ancient surfaces natural elements are available readily after simmering for centuries under the Provençal sun, morphing with the changing palettes of each season.ancient-fireplace-retofitted-into-an-italianate-style-kitchen-7

Year after year, century after century, this rich palette turns into a complexion which by itself turns into a distinctive patina as unique to the south of France as DNA is to each human being. 3743352911_1047de5ebb_b

We will show in this blog many antique cuisine designs that are beautiful to the eyes of all beholders. Each of these kitchens in our gallery combines comfort and elegant design that blends the old with the new.antique-stone-mantle-in-kitchen-foundation-blocks-as-countetops-open-space-architecture-1

Restored wooden doors and shutters can be seen all through the kitchen cabinetry and paneling promising a soothing and natural atmosphere. 9150555782_3602da8c3f_o

A campagne kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to look predictable or dated. Our clients love to mix their campagne kitchen interiors with Shabby Chic, continental eastern seaborne, or other styles for a bio-individuality, unique to their life philosophy and interpretation of joie de vivre.untitled-1-3

Details such as drawer handles and hand warned copper faucets are of great importance giving a persona and character build-up in the grand kitchen theatre.stone-kitchen-1

To develop such a campagne-style cuisine, there are some steps to consider:

– The country kitchen should be spacious and comfortable. In general, such a kitchen includes several modules that can be combined – cabinets, a kitchen limestone island and of course – a dining area.img_0245

– Located on the ground floor, the sink in the kitchen is near or below a window. Modern appliances are built to ensure complete comfort.For people who love to cook

– The large cooking space allows the entire family to join in the cooking experience creating savory meals and lasting memories. Many handy antique cabinets found in street markets guarantee that all utensils and accessories are always

 A French provencal kitchen is a true Saga that refuses to end. Just as in any good never ending story the campagne kitchen seems to have an endless streams of chapters written of its page. A wise man once said, the perfect home is always under design, the same could be said to all kitchens shown above.Pallazo Terranova Collanata7177d12172bc87eb2bca3590e6ea6735stone-kitchen-1


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