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Deciphering the Neolithic code. How to incorporate cave dwelling stone element into your modern day home.

November 28, 2016

As the environmental impact of urban development and sprawl becomes increasingly evident, architects and designers are turning more and more toward “green” design. An Earthwatch-supported research project in the South of Italy and France, examined cave dwellings as an inspiring example of sustainable design.b0095p%200068

“While we are looking for new ways of building to ensure a bright future for our planet, we may draw inspirations from the past when people had more of a harmonic relationship with the environment,” said Jiang Lu, a professor at Eastern Michigan University in the international conference of the Interior Design Educators Council.55027556

This study examines all types of stone carvings and masonry as well as their sustainable adaptation which is both elegant and has a positive environmental impact.untitled

Would you believe us if we told you as of 2016 there are still over 30 million people that call their stone caves home sweet home. worshipblues-matera-2

Although basic by modern Western standards, these dwelling provide residents with reliable shelter, making the best use of materials available with a minimum negative impact on the environment.original

Examples of sustainable design features found in the caves include the fact that they are built entirely from materials acquired nearby and using simple hand tools, avoiding the added environmental costs of manufacturing, transport, and heavy machinery.sextantio-le-grotte-della-civita_2

Ancient cave dwelling architecture relied on having the cave opening face south, and the sheer massive thickness of cave walls provided a thermal blanket preserving the temperature of the cave providing solar warmth into the winter and a cooling effect into the summer.le-grotte-della-civita-18-0

A striking feature of cave design is including very modern bathtubs and sinks, faucets and fixtures that serves to create a true juxtaposition with its stone filled floors walls and ceilings.d1f2bb151a39292c10818967bff00f87


What makes the bedrooms of cave dwelling so unique and special? Why we are naturally attracted to such a setting? Is it the uniqueness of that concept or the visual serenity that the natural stone projects on any environment that it dominates? executive-suite-grotta-04

Perhaps it’s the warmth of the lighting as it reflects on the 100% pure limestone beneath or is it the symphony of colors composed from natural woods, pearly linens, contemporary arts and patterns flooring selections.le-grotte-519642b0963e8592c9bfcf388162f3341

In conclusion, no matter what style home you are remodeling or building bringing in elements of cave design will help connect your style with the order of nature. 26bfd0d5be5cae3f09f934fbdd108856This wisdom, that took a hundred and thousands of year to develop seems to be the foundation of all style and designs from across all cultures and regions. Are you ready for that natural infusion yet? That primordial connection with life? grotta_21_a-2096

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