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The stone merchant of Provence

December 3, 2016

A region steeped in fable and myth, 0d0866e2708c4b91fa80d578fc49e97d-copy

Provence is a cultural crossroads of European history. Design : Anthony Paul

A source of inspiration to artists,poets, architects, carvers and troubadours.architectural-elements-banner-2

It is now an enviable refuge for the wealthy, the burdened, the adventurous and the fashionable.4-4-copyJonathan Sinclair, the head honcho at Ancient Surfaces who has lived a sizable part of his youth and adolescence in France with his loving Continental family has also more recently lived between this region and New York for decades. biblical-stone-56


This mosaicked life has instilled in him a sense of ‘farmhouse’ ethics of love, labor, natural progression and respect for the Almighty. antique-carrara-marble-31-copyarchitectural-elements-003-copy2016-02-08-16-copy

His Provence is a striking contrast that is at times detached from the sheer touristic and romantic notion of the space.Design : Anthony Paul

Jonathan can go on for hours at a time Lovingly recounting vivid details of life in Provence, as he provides to friends and client alike a welcomed soberest to the typical rosé-tinted, romantic view of it being a perennially sunny destination for tourists.SONY DSC

“For me the true ‘Provençaux’ are the locals who have always lived a harder than presumed life as seen from the exterior looking in. 9522ee56a984b907ebc9b9cc5c0e1608-copy

They were close to the land and the rhythms of the seasons, faithful to family, patrimony, parish and customs. 1dlp_5780-2-copy

Folkloric dances, chants, and time honored homemade meals never calculated calories, fashion or fads into their equations.biblical-stone-15bible-stone-0030302_2015-04-24_lavierustic-med-copy

 ” It is in this revelation that the true persona of the Provençal people comes to light; that’s how the truth of the region can de decoded and its fundamental style can be finally understood.Design : Anthony Paul2021414950_3b149b893d_o-copy

“My life between Provence and New York is much a study of Provençal culture and history as it is a memoir of my travels and life, a reflection of my childhood and youth that has made me the person I am today.”  Someday in the future, I will have to document and archive my journey with a biography that is rich in life triumphant with love and hope. 4081f2eae10feeaf5c9b42080cd31e15-copy

The time will someday come for such a deep and soulful investigation into a way of life that remains very distinct from that of the other regions of France, Europe and the rest of the world.antique-french-limestone-floors-acrane-047-copy


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