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Peace of Mind in a Piece of Mined.

December 5, 2016

Flip through—or scroll down the pages of—any interior design magazine and chances are you’re greeted with a sea of approachable interiors, filled with plush sofas, cozy drapery, and Americana furnishings for a West Coast by way of the Hamptons feel.1-a1-b2

“There’s nothing wrong with that—it’s comfortable and looks good—but many of our clients mainly interior designers really try to push another more natural and integrated authentic look whenever they have us in mind when they pick up the phone and call us” says New York–based architectural stone designer, artist and partner at Ancient Surfaces, Jonathan Sinclair.3-2-copy3-copy3-2-copy

Many recently completed East Coast and West Coast projects as well as others currently being designed will shock the world of Art History and Architecture in the coming years.33-copy14_ivr25_20141400443nuc2a_m-copy

We are currently collaborating with a stream of acclaimed architects and designers in creating the historical architectural record of this nation for the next fifty years. “Being in the eye of the storm and not realizing it at the time is what we live for”.4-copy5-copy6-copy

The thrill and rush of setting precedents and making history is the spice of our lives.7-copy

A designer will usually bring in several magazine tear sheets or book scans and the creative effort starts there. No better feeling can compare with taking a pioneering design element that you’ve worked on years back making it 10 times more connected, more natural, more provocative, edgy or symmetric.8-copy9-copy10-copy

Whether it’s an aesthetic modern Belgian farmhouse, or a lucid-dreamy Gustavian Swedish villa, a Bastidal 14th Century French Manoir or a Sicilian hillside farmhouse the eclectic antique limestone elements of Ancient Surfaces are nowhere else to be found. 17-copy24-copy

“Trust me We’ve Looked the world a few times over” Confidently affirms Jonathan.

“I’m amazed by the amount of high profile architects and designer friends we’ve acquired over the past 20 years, what a journey of discovery and acceptance of others tastes and design views it has been. 19-copy20-copy30-copy

What drives us nowdays is the sheer thrill of it all, the personal growth and joy aspect one gets by connecting the dots and solving the riddles of life through design. Good design connects past with present bridging the two closer together in a comfortable way healing life traumas and helping us to sail calmly ahead like a sort of temporal Hammock that softly swings you from one state of happiness to another!29-copy

Having the best of comfort, esthetics and functionality anchors well thought out designed homes.” He adds.16 Fabulous Earth Tones Living Room Designs Decoholic inside Ear

Once Jonathan gets in the zone you never know what comes out of him! Sometimes its poetry, history or Bible verses, Al Rumi or Scottish folk sayings! “My mood is proportionally affected by the design style of each project I’m currently dealing with.37-copy

Without a healthy coping mechanism to help you deal with the work load, you can get burnt out pretty quickly. It helps when you are intoxicated and drunken by your own work, when you let yourself go so you can be lifted by the creative experience.38-copy

Playing classical music, Gregorian Chants or ancient hymns makes me float at the right wave-length with my stone elements. After I’ve created something for someone I keep calling this fountain or fireplace, this floor pattern or sink ‘mine’. 18-copyHobbs Residence

Take good care of it I tell them! Please take it with you if you ever sell your home I ask them. 26-copy

You put so much of yourself into a stone creation for clients because in the end it’s an act of love. 14-copy

At times it’s like transplanting a piece of you into this world. Sometimes all we have left of a fireplace or fountain is an installed picture by the installer and a client’s destination address, while other times you create a lifelong relationship with the patrons.50

I think it’s a feeling shared by all of those who live to create, who live to inspire, who live to love.    25-copy21-copy11-copy


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