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Your 3 in 1 Christmas gift. Warmth, Charm and Lux by Ancient Surfaces

December 20, 2016

There’s nothing quite like a fireplace to curl up next to on a cool night. antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-013-copy Fireplaces not only add heat in a literal sense, but they also lend warmth and charm to a space.  antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-008-copyThis is even true of outdoor spaces.  Adding an outdoor stone fireplace in your backyard or garden is a luxury you will not regret.  antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-012-copy

The beauty and charm of a stone fireplace that’s nestled on your patio, alongside your garden, or near your in-ground pool is unparalleled. When it comes to creating a perfect outdoor fireplace, there is nothing that even comes close to matching antique stone fireplaces.  antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-019antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-016-copyantique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-017-copy

An antique stone fireplace is elegant, elemental, and everlasting capable of withstanding the perpetual ware and tare of all what nature can throw at it.antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-011-copyantique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-010-copy There are many antique stone fireplace designs to choose from when selecting the style that best fits your home style.  antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-006-copy

From Italian farmhouse to French provincial or even Greek costal Mediterranean an antique stone fireplace will anchor-in the theme of your house with your outdoors living space guaranteeing you a perfect design that will never need to be remodeled as long as the structure stands.antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-010-copyantique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-009-copy

Grab a mug of hot cocoa or warm apple cider, don a hat and some warm mittens, and enjoy the same feeling our ancestors enjoyed before us while in the company of a wonderful stone fireplace during the holiday season.



Decorated with the holidays evergreens and outdoor lights, garland and wreaths, they can greatly add to the holiday cheer.  You will quickly find that the memories you make while gathered outdoors around the stone fireplace hearth are ones that you will never forget.antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-002-copyantique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-001-copy

If you already have an outdoor fireplace, then you are all set to enjoy some time spent outdoors to unwind.  If, on the other hand, you only have plans to build an outdoor stone fireplace but have not yet started, you can rest assured that whenever your antique stone fireplace is finished, it will bring enjoyment and warmth to you and your family all year long and for many years to come. antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-004-copyStill undecided on how you want to build your custom stone fireplace and haven’t narrowed down your choices yet, have no fear!  You can find a wealth of antique stone fireplace ideas as well as original stone fireplace pictures and photos in our online database so you can start formulating a clear idea of what you like and how one of our antique stone mantels will fit into your outdoor garden design.antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-014-copy

Our Antique Limestone fireplaces can be found in just about any design, size or shape so your only dilemma will be the ability to choose one.antique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-015-copyantique-french-farmhouse-limestone-fireplace-during-christmas-004-copy

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