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Un coeur dans les Alpilles’

December 27, 2016

‘Un coeur dans les Alpilles’, Is an exceptional domain surrounded by 14 hectares de cultivated land 8 of which are vineyards. ventes-maisons-de-village57ca823b9d881-copyventes-maisons-de-village547b5448c91d0-copyventes-maisons-de-village570-copyventes-maisons-de-village55421ff90fd20-copy

The Ancient House was restored using nothing but the best of ancient architectural antiques from Ancient Surfaces.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The old villa ‘Mas’ as it is called in French has an unreal picturesque view of the Alpilles. ventes-maisons-de-village574843e9a8918-copy

The old grounds keeper’s shack has been transformed into a 21st century high-tech guardhouse.

Exceptional and rare is the common description given to the vintage chateau label that is produced right on the terroir. “The Coteaux des Baux AOC” ventes-maisons-de-village56cd91560a27e-copy

There’s a ton of history surrounding this dreamy Alpine scape. Traces of early life have been found around this villa and was dated back to 4,000 BC! Apparently the Villa was built in the 1500’s on the ruins of a Celtic Fort or an oppidum around the second century BC.ventes-maisons-de-village57ca82adc95a6-copyOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Historian Justin, in his Abridgment of Filipino Histories (Historiarum Philippicarum, Book XLIII, chapters IV, 1-2), was an anthology of the most important and interesting passages from the surviving writings by ‘Trogue Pompey’ at the time of Augustus, explains: “Under the influence of the Phocaeans, the Gauls softened and left their barbarism and learned to lead a milder life, to cultivate the land and Surround the cities of ramparts. ventes-maisons-de-village5748445760564ventes-maisons-de-village57484420c1b54-copyventes-maisons-de-village5748449d46cd1-copy

They accustomed themselves to live under the rule of laws rather than arms, to prune the vine, and to plant the olive, rather than marauding and pillaging and started learning the progress of men (philosophy) and the interworking of nature and things (Math, Medicine and physics) That the region became so brilliant and at a moment seemed that Greece would have emigrated to Gaul or that Gaul should have passed through Greece.”trouvais-summer-plantings-copysrc-muel92wzwmbm__mg_6104_853x1280_-copy

In the Middle Ages, it became the stronghold of a feudal domain controlling 79 towns and villages in the vicinity. The Villa fortress was built from the eleventh to the thirteenth century on a vast expanse of seven hectares.ventes-maisons-de-village547b537a4f836-copysrc-muekrfe5dhj6_055-copy The princes of ‘Baux’ controlled Provence for many years and gained a strong reputation. They said that they were descending from the king Magus Balthazar, adding to their coat of arms a silver star with sixteen branches, to recall that which, according to the Gospel, guided the three Magi to Bethlehem; french-mantle-with-overmantle-copysrc-muekyb6cbxjf_112-copyAnd their motto was “Random, Balthazar.” Medieval fortress located in the borders of Languedoc, ‘Comtat’ ‘Venaissin’ and Provence, the fortress has had an eventful military history and was the object of numerous assaults. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe solid dungeon which still dominates today recalls the importance of this castle, object of all covetousness, during medieval times. In the twelfth century the princes of Les ‘Baux’ had to submit to the end of the ‘baussenque wars’. sean-moshaedi-spa-finished-pelicans-copy

The great chateau began to be renowned for its strongly cultivated and chivalrous courtyard. The domain finally disappeared in the fifteenth century at the death of the last princess of Les ‘Baux’.la_brocante_de_victor-13-1-copythyssen_berthe-morisot06g-copy


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