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My Mykonos, An Ancient Greek Ruin Transformed into a Modern day Marvel

June 16, 2017

A quick tour from Mykonos to Vathia and even back to Malibu, showcases the splendor of ancient Greek ‘Ruin Style’ and the versatility that it offers its dweller. An endless stream of sun, ocean and memories.

Characterized by spare, ancient ruined Greek limestone walls, squared and angular exterior corners that protect against meltemi (strong north winds), and flat roofs for rainwater collection, a Cycladic house — the style you often see in postcard-perfect Greek island communities — conjures up dreams of a getaway for most people.tainaron-blue-retreat-in-vathia-greece-7tainaron-blue-retreat-in-vathia-greece-4tainaron_blue_retreat_portraitsofelegance_10 copytainaron_blue_retreat_portraitsofelegance_9 copy

But for California native Milo Farkas and his family, it’s everyday life. “Our ancient ruined greek escape is called Villa Tainaron Blue. It was a total labour of love since day one. Our entire family was helping the stone masons, the brick master, the Iron workers every day for 3 consecutive summers.tainaron_blue_retreat_portraitsofelegance_8 copyf6c372ea-53a4-45fd-bba7-5720effc2d49 copy

Plumbers, electricians and plasterers were all working in an organised chaos to get everything just right and to create a feeling that is distinctly Vathia,” he said. Surrounded by a beautiful blue landscape and breathtaking views, Tainaron or ‘Tainaron Blue’ as we now call it, has fast become a world renounced Retreat that welcomes guests seeking to be lost in an off-earth Alien planet experience while enjoying an unrivalled warm hospitality combined with an excellent fusion cuisine.c92e31bf-0de8-455b-a7f0-25d13b40bfcf copya9a53209-d059-43f8-9db2-c6673c518d53 copy827143 copy827137 copy Unwind and rejuvenate in the midst of nature with a glass of our locally made wine while enjoying unobstructed views of Vathia, one of Greece most captivating lost islands.tainaron_blue_retreat_portraitsofelegance_3 copytainaron_blue_retreat_portraitsofelegance_8 copy

In this island, houses historically were built close to one another so that word about potential invaders would spread fast.985197da-1226-4a89-b2ce-fad7fc2454f2 copy827155 copy827154 copy

Villa Tainaron however is a bit of an exception, as it sits on sprawling property. Milo says, “We live in one villa of the compound estate while we’ve rendered the rest into a boutique resort open for rental to our international visitors.”827141 copy827140 copy827142 copy827135 copy

Living Room

We can’t help but to be reminded of the Living Room Stone and Fireplace we’ve provided in the Malibu Villa of Richard Shapiro back in 2009.

exterior archway

The exterior archways, Chevron patterns and old Columns and Urns featured in that Malibu marvel also resonated strongly in our memory as it was not too dissimilar from Milo’s Ruined Villa tour.

exterior fountain and archway

The same features repeating again with one small difference. The charming Zellige backyard wall fountain.

827153 copy827152 copy827151 copy827149 copy827148 copy827147 copy827146 copy827145 copy

The towers dominate the estate, these imposing tall and narrow prisms, are the most stubborn and absolute expression of Mani building.

On the outskirts of the settlements, the “xemonia” were erected in order to defend or expand the land property from any possible invadors. They served back then to drive out the opponents, but also to transfer the pressure from the main settlement to new territories.Tainaron Blue Retreat is a representative sample of traditional xemonia of the South Greek sea.C-SUM-HOUSE-16-2000

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About the Ruined Villa estate

Residents: Milo and Helena Farkas and their three teenage kids.

Size: 8,257 square feet

Location: Vathia, Greece

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