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A Modern Neolithic Dream Home in New England

June 21, 2017

The remodel of this 1932 Tudor style suburban home in Newton, Massachusetts re-imagines a traditional, compartmentalized layout into a more informal living arrangement for a young family moving to the suburbs from the city.HACIN_38CLEMENT-1069-Edit6322 copyHACIN_38CLEMENT-1082-Edit6325-688x1032 copyHACIN_38CLEMENT-1098-Edit6470-Edit6472 copy

The project included a full architectural renovation throughout this four bedroom home, as well as the design of all interior finishes, furniture, and fixtures.HACIN_38CLEMENT-1183-Edit6335 copyHACIN_38CLEMENT-1157-Edit6337-688x1032 copy

Rooms in the renovated home open directly to one another, providing long visual and physical connections accentuated by the use of natural materials that echo throughout the house.HACIN_38CLEMENT-0865-Edit6347-Edit6499 copyHACIN_38CLEMENT-0897-Edit6352 copyHACIN_38CLEMENT-0901-Edit6351-734x1032 copyHACIN_38CLEMENT-1122-Edit6495-Edit6496 copy

The colors and material choices were based on a study of traditional Tudor architecture and design; furnishings, carpet, and decorative lighting were chosen with an emphasis on visible craft and casual family comfort, giving a contemporary feel to the house while respecting its original historic-revival identity.HACIN_38CLEMENT-0917-Edit6349 copyIMG_0825 copy

Repetition, reinterpretation, and an emphasis on natural materials and hand-made features inform the integrated architectural and interior design concept.HACIN_38CLEMENT-1069-Edit6502-688x1032 copy

Featured in the Media:

“A clear vision and  purposeful choices for materials, finishes, colors, and more yield a space that feels pulled together.” – Boston Globe MagazineHACIN_38CLEMENT-1012-Edit6344 copy

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