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Set in Stone… 20 Southern Countryside Living Room ideas

February 27, 2018

When you look out for personalized Southern Countryside Living Room ideas, one needs to consider many designs parameters of the room.
Its sun exposure, its scenic views if any, its connectivity with the rest of the home its size and extent of usage all come into play in helping you determine the right elements you need to pull from.
French Country room design requires an in-depth understanding of the traditional French Farm Live and how the rural aspect of life can merge and embolden the elegant aspirations one has for a room.
All well thought off French country living room share the common boldness, brightness, simplicity in fabrics comfortable furnishings and captivating Limestone Elements from Antique Stone Floors and Ancient Reclaimed Stone Fireplaces.

Without going too much into the nitty-gritty of French Farmhouse Living room design we like to share some memorable and mouth watering rooms that we have passionately worked on and helped realize though our antique stone floors, walls, fireplaces and columns.

Please scroll down and have a look into our top 20 French Country living room designs that you can incorporate in your home.

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