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Stones are forever… The recycled gift that keeps on giving

March 14, 2018

How can the reclamation of ruined farmhouses across Europe play a role in combating climate change, desertification and loss of wild life habitat?

The reusing of antique and dis-guarded stone building materials does substitutes some of the demand for quarried stone.
Less quarried stone means less deforestation by mining which leads to a slow down of environmental destruction.stone-fireplace-living-room-area-farmhouseoutdoor-seating-limestone-flooringoutdoor-limestone-pool-fountain

No stone should go to waste. With a shelf life of a few million years why stop at a few hundred years of usage?
High quality limestone can constantly be recycled after the decay and atrophy of the original structure.limestone-old-french-stone-fireplacelimestone-fireplace-over-mantel

With a bit of retooling it can easily integrate into the next home and the next and so on…

It is most unwise to think we can consume forever without reintegrating existing resources back into the cycling wheel of life.outdoor-limestone-countertop-stone-flooring

This lovely lovely Californian estate created by a top Orange County architect in the traditional Tuscan Style.outdoor-limestone-pool-coping-limestone-wall-claddinglimestone-entrywaylimestone-columns-antique-stone-flooring-wall-claddingkitchen-countertop-limestone-fireplace-living-room

All old stone columns, antique limestone fireplaces and fountains, reclaimed stone floors and wall cladding veneers were provided by Ancient Surfaces over the course of a year.
All stone shown above has been restored or retooled from original ancient stone building blocks.farmhouse-wood-beams-celing-limestone-stone-columnsfrech-farmhouse-living-area-with-antique-limestone-fireplace

It is no surprise that most of our clients start with ordering one single reclaimed sink or a single reclaimed fireplace soon before realizing how rare and superior our stone elements really are.antique-outdoor-limestone-fireplace

Indeed, no stones on the market can match the beauty, hardness and rarity of our Antique Oolitic Limestone such as our reclaimed Biblical Stone.

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